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Posted by user | May 11, 2017 | Case Study

Case Brief:

Every student has a different way of learning. They look for different formats of tutorials to find what best suits their consumption. We conducted a study on competitive exam tutorials by 3 different teachers, to understand whose style engaged the students the most. The aim was to identify what makes students appreciate while learning and what makes them pay attention.

Why the study?

  1. To observe the events in a video tutorial that contribute to peaks in mental effort and appreciation levels of students.
  2. Identify elements that perform well, rank the videos and suggest improvements.
  3. Deduce which teaching style contributes to maximum consumption amongst users and why.





No. of test Users

What Did We Learn?

  1. The second video triggered higher appreciation levels
  2. Higher attention levels and mental efforts scores indicated the students solving equations with the second tutor, increased happiness levels indicated they were able to succesfully work out the problems
  3. Attention Level spikes were observed whenever a tutor asked a question

(Read the complete case study to know more)

How Did We Analyse This?

The study was conducted on a test group of males and females between the ages of 20-25 years, using the AffectLab EEG headsets.

The headset tracked the brainwaves of each of the users and mapped them on the AffectLab dashboard. AffectLab generated actionable insights on each of the 3 styles of teaching, deducing that the second video was enjoyed the most by the students.

How Can You Use This?

The Edutech industry is growing at a rapid pace, moving away from the conventional teaching methods. Focusing more on making it easier for students to learn and apply concepts, apps need to identify content formats that are easy to consume.

A combination of Affect Lab scores can be used to:

  1. Determine MENTAL EFFORT in consuming content
  2. Identify APPRECIATION LEVELS of different content formats
  3. Measure the ATTENTION LEVELS of students on tutorials
  4. Optimize tutorials to stimulate better learning


To know how the other two videos performed, what emotions and actions they triggered amongst the same test group, download our case study today.


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