Bench-marking & Ranking Your Videos

Posted by user | May 12, 2017 | Case Study

Case Brief:

It is becoming more and more challenging to understand what consumers respond to, today. While some videos go viral in just a few hours, there are others on similar lines, that struggle to even get their first thousand views. The study was conducted to benchmark 4 video advertisements against a viral video.

Videos Analysed:




No. of test Users

What did we learn?

We examined 5 videos – Ariel, BIBA, Oriflame, Myntra – Mother’s Day and Myntra – Father’s Day, to discover the following:

  • BIBA scores the highest in grasping the ATTENTION LEVEL of the viewers. The PLEASANTNESS and HAPPINESS stimulated in the users within the first 5 seconds could be further optimized for higher scores using Affect Lab insights.
  • ORIFLAME experienced a sway in attention levels of the user. From a very low ATTENTION LEVEL to a marked spike when the family members join the protagonist on screen, was recorded on the AL dashboard to understand when the users felt ‘connected’ to the ad.
  • ARIEL received a good ATTENTION SCORE, along with a HAPPY response from the users, depicting how ‘connected’ they felt with the ad. AL provided more actionable insights to improve the ad performance.
  • MYNTRA ads lacked user ENGAGEMENT in the first 5 seconds, making it difficult to connect with the viewer.


How did we analyse this?

The study was conducted on 10 test users, using the AffectLab EEG headsets. The brainwaves of each user were mapped on the AL dashboard, then turned into easy-to-consume graphs that depicted the viewer emotions and attention levels.

How can you use this?

Videos are a popular content format amongst millennials. Here’s how you can use AffectLab insights to improve your results:

  • Benchmarking against viral video content
  • Ranking your videos on an emotional level
  • Identifying what your audience connects with
  • Optimizing videos to include triggers that would encourage an action from the viewers


To know more about how we ranked each of the videos against each other, to understand what their target audience wants to interact with, download our case study today.


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