Get your own EEG Headset!

Posted by arun | July 18, 2018 | Articles

“Conduct Research With Your Own EEG Headsets!”  

Separate EEG headsets need to be procured by the user to conduct EEG research on the Affect Lab platform.

Headsets that are compatible with Affect Lab Emotion AI platform are available with Neurosky. They come in different versions to suit the purpose of the study and are available online, you can also buy the EEG Headsets directly from us!

Electrical activity in the user’s brain is monitored using these devices. The EEG Headset maps this activity and our Affect Lab algorithms convert the data convenient behavioral and cognitive metrics. Easy to setup, the headsets come with full instructions. We also have a video tutorial in case you need more assistance.

To Purchase from visit,

Brain link pro-focus meditation  | Mind wave Headset   | Mind wave mobile brainwave starter

Rent the headsets from us

We also rent the device for brands and researchers located at Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. You can rent the device based on the requirement of your study. Share us your contact details with the number of days you require the device for and the number of devices needed. Let us help you with the quote, do mention your Affect Lab Workspace URL. Write to us at

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