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Meet Entropik Tech, India’s First Startup That Explores EmotionAI

Originally Published on : From streamlining various enterprise processes to helping in deciding the recipes in the kitchen, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being largely explored. However, there is this one startup that is occupying a unique space of … Read More

Failed marketing campaigns! How we aim to help marketers avoid these disasters.

  What seems like a good idea within a creative brainstorming space can fail catastrophically when put out in the open market. A lot of money, time and resources are invested into creating advertisement campaigns as they carry forward an … Read More

The Citrus Cartel

  Employee number 52, Ranjan Kumar, says Citrus brought out his entrepreneurial side. After joining in 2014, he was in charge of business development and headed the business in south India, where he was tasked with integrating Citrus Pay with … Read More