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At Entropik tech, we offer a more intuitive approach to consumer behavior studies using emotionally perceptive Artificial Intelligence technologies.  Consumer Brands use our solutions through an online SaaS platform – Affect Lab In the last couple of days we have … Read More

Mind-boggling Wonders Of 5G – Movies that watch you back, virtual and augmented reality and more

Intellectual Property – A Must for Disruptive Innovation

A disruptive innovation in business brings forth some unexplored possibilities and opportunities including new market access and strategic partnerships Originally Published on Written by: Ranjan Kumar Founder & CEO, Entropik Tech November 7, 2018 3 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors … Read More

Analytics Insight Magazine – Nov 2018

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Entropik Tech: Connecting Emotionally With Brands And Consumers Through AI

Originally Published on Founded in 2016, Entropik Tech is the only startup to occupy the space of Emotion AI in India. The company explores venues where Emotion AI applications revolutionize products and content and redefine businesses and their interactions … Read More

Sentiment Analysis

To put it in simple language, Sentiment Analysis reads – enormously massive data generated online by consumers who are expressing their feelings and attitudes about brands, products or services on the internet, through various social media sites, review portals, website … Read More