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What are Emotions?

Emotions, in broad terms, are manifestations of a person’s psychological states, rooted in the subconscious mind. When triggered, the responses produced are autonomous but visibly manifested in our bodies. For example, when a person is angry, it can be seen in the way facial expressions change or the way in which the voice quivers. On the other hand, a jovial mood brings out a pleasant countenance and a happy pitch in the sound of a person’s voice.


What are Emotion Analytics?

Analytics has evolved from providing arithmetic statistics to deriving emotionally perceptive insights

“Emotions Analytics” is a new field that focuses on identifying and analysing the full spectrum of emotional responses a user experiences while consuming media content or using a product. For a long time, data analytics has been working on an impersonal algorithm only analysing verbally expressed responses and coming up with statistical inferences, omitting  what accounts for over 95% of purchase decision-making – the human subconscious driven by emotions.


Using multi-modal, proprietary Emotion Recognition technologies (Brain Wave Mapping, Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, etc), Entropik Tech, the only EmotionAI company in India, helps brands explore the uncharted territory of consumers’ emotions and tap into their unspoken, unarticulated, subconscious minds to understand the key drivers of buying behaviour.


Since long, consumer research has been dependent on surveys, focus groups and interviews which would only help understand the conscious part of a user’s brain. Emotion analytics helps brands measure cognitive and behavioural parameters, consumer’s emotional engagement, identify & analyse the unsaid-unarticulated feeling of the consumers, etc


Thereby not only deciphering what the consumer feels, but also help brands take the necessary steps in order to perfect their offering by tweaking it to the consumer’s liking,


Emotion Recognition Technologies

Multi Modal Emotion Recognition Technology platforms like Affect Lab combine Brainwave Mapping, Facial Coding, Facial Recognition & Eye Tracking offering brands an unique capability to comprehensively view people’s cognitive process from inside and out and understand their behavioural motivation and preferences. Affect Lab also generates real-time analytics, equipped with actionable datapoints.



Brainwave mapping: Our Brain produces tiny electrical impulses called brainwaves as one experiences a content/product. This arithmetic data is then translated to parameters like Attention, Emotion Spectrum, etc.

Facial Coding: Algorithms are used to track tiny movements of facial muscles in individuals’ face and translate them into universal facial expressions to measure happiness, surprise, sadness, anger and other emotions.

Eye tracking: Eye tracking is the process of measuring either the point of gaze (where one is looking) or the motion of an eye relative to the head.


EmotionAI for the Media Industry

EmotionAI is particularly well suited for content testing, product variant testing and UX testing.


Affect Lab2.0 is an online emotion intelligence SAAS platform that brings together Emotion Recognition Technologies, with built-in workflows to support end-to-end consumer research for media and entertainment industry. We help brands optimize their media experiences to resonate with their Target Audience Emotionally- by helping make their Audio/Video/Digital/ Print Advertising & Original content (Movies/ Trailers/ Webseries) emotionally efficient.


Our Emotion Analytics including Emotional Impact Score, Attention Score, and Engagement Score among others can be directly incorporated into the process of creating & promoting content, enable marketers to do concept testing, select the best among the many variants, optimize their media plans, and choose the right creative for specific demographic much before launch hence vastly improving their ROI.


Benefits brands witness due to their ability to emotionally connect with consumers

According to a study conducted by Nielsen, ads with the best emotional responses boost sales by 23% proving emotional engagement is the real driver behind business growth and sustainability.

Global conglomerates such as Unilever, P&G, Mars, Honda, Kellogg, and Coca Cola have been incorporating Emotion Analytics into their marketing strategy to pick the most emotionally engaging ads among variants they have created to promote their products. Now, more organizations are moving in this direction, by hiring firms that offer multi modal emotion recognition technologies for consumer research

Brands that decode human emotions gain a competitive edge over their competitors as they understand what activates consumer’s emotional responses to their offerings and are able to appeal directly to such emotional triggers.

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