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Amith Kumar, Director, Sales – He joined us not very long ago in the sales team, he is a happy go lucky guy, always full of energy and enthusiastic about work and play both, he is a great dumb charades player. With his heavy baritone voice he is the narrator’s voice in many of our company videos. Ever so eloquent and chivalrous, he handles overseas clientele for entropik tech.

At Entropik, we’re not just building technology for the future. Our goal is to connect people to careers that feed their life’s purpose and give them jobs that truly motivate and inspire them. This is Amith’s story on why she chose to be a part of our team.


Can you tell us about yourself? Where are you from, your educational background, your likes dislikes, anything else that makes you, YOU!

“I grew up in Bangalore but my origin is Mangalore. Educational background: I hold a Master’s degree in Commerce but have never ever gone close to be working in the field of commerce in my career! Likes: Travelling,  To Aim Big, To bridge communication gap between people, To remain a student (Always willing to learn new things) Dislikes: Hypocrisy, Quitting Attitude, To do household chores. What makes me, being ME: “”I am afraid of Failures”” Yes, you read it right; unlike most others I don’t like to hide the truth of being afraid of failures. The way i look at it is, if you are afraid of it then you tend not to fail than having an approach of ‘failure is the experimental process towards success’. However, i might be wrong but that is what makes me, ME. I am also someone who strongly believes in the power of communication. From my experience, having open communication channels with everyone can significantly benefit the team and the results they produce.”

Why did you choose your field of study in college?

I just went with the flock of people choosing what they generally choose. But given an opportunity to time travel, i would choose Sensory Analysis of Wine and Beer 🙂

Why did you choose to work for Entropik?

“I decided to work with this company right after my first round of interview with the CEO. It was not like the usual interview discussion but more of personal touch where i understood the Mission and Vision of where Entropik’s present and future is. I realized, there is a personal touch to everything (People above processes). Also, why wouldn’t any one choose to work here: It is a company driven by Innovation and led by thoughtful Leaders! ”

What was something you didn’t expect and were surprised to learn on working here?

One of the amazing things I realized is that all employees experience the same hardship and this makes dealing with the hardship a lot more bearable. The mindset of everyone towards achieving goal is the same. The company is more mission-driven and not completely profit-driven. These were the things i didn’t expect and was surprised to learn on working here.

What is your role and responsibilities here?

“Role: Director, Sales.

Responsibilities: Everyday is different as this role is usually fast paced and quite exciting. Along with meeting targets and keeping myself and the sales team motivated, Long-term strategic planning for the company, I am also responsible for managing all sales efforts, strategically penetrating into new markets (US, CAN, EMEA) and ensuring the overall sales cycle towards faster closure.”

What are the things you are looking forward to here at Entropik?

“First and foremost: I’m looking forward to hit $5Mn in Revenue by end of 2020 and expand our reach to markets such as US, CAN, SEA in the next 2 quarters. Secondly: I’m definitely looking for a position where I can grow my team internationally and have them succeed in all avenues Finally: I would like to see our next round of funding by Sep’19 and have ESOPs for myself.”

What would you want to tell people joining your team in the future?

“You are in for a Treat! Lots of exciting opportunities as we continue to break into (and in a sense, create the market) for emotion-enabled tech. When we say “”we are a flexible startup”” we actually mean it – as long as you get the work done and be accountable for. – It’s a people centric organization. People are greatly empowered here. – A group of creative & rational thinkers, who come from strong technology & research backgrounds – People are very friendly. You end up having great friends at work which makes the time spent in office worthwhile.”

Entropik is growing and we’re looking for people who want to change the industry with products that tap into the full potential of technology. So if you’re ready to join our team of innovators, explore our open opportunities by visiting our careers page.

If you don’t see a role that you fit into or would like to talk to us first, drop us a message on

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