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Geeta is a software engineer at Entropik. She is who we all love calling the quintessential good girl. A successful career woman, she has been staying away from her family making a mark for herself in the big city and … Read More

How to really measure ROI on Sports Sponsorship this World Cup?

    The World Cup has already begun and is packed full for the key matches. As the players get on with the matches and millions of people tune in to watch them, brands are glued to their performance dashboards … Read More

Top 5 Insights We Learnt In 2018 That You Can Apply In Your Consumer Studies

Affect Lab employs its multimodal Emotion Recognition technologies, including EEG-Brain Wave Mapping, Eye Tracking, and Facial Coding, among others – to accurately quantify consumers psychological responses to brand offerings in a coherent and easy to comprehend tabulation, to optimize consumer … Read More

Entropik Tech wins the Amazon AI Conclave 2018 in Media & Entertainment Category

Entropik Tech, won the award in the Media and Entertainment category at the on-going Amazon AI Conclave 2018, Bengaluru Bengaluru, December 13, 2018: Entropik Tech, India’s only EmotionAI company in India, won the award in the Media and Entertainment category … Read More

CEO India: Machines Get Emotionally Intelligent – by Ranjan Kumar

Originally Published in CEO India Magazine EmotionAI platforms like Affect Lab, IBM Watson and Affectiva provide brands access to a range of Emotion Recognition Technologies. Read the original article :

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EntropikTech raises $8m in Series A funding

The investment round was led by the $300m Alpha Wave Incubation (AWI) fund, a unit of Falcon Edge Capital and backed by ADQ India, 1st September 2020:  Entropik Tech, a leading Emotion AI company based out of Bangalore, India, has … Read More

Create the perfect brand image by leading with empathy

While we may believe that the choices a consumer makes are purely logical, emotions play a vital role in influencing them. In his book Descartes’ error, Antonio Damasio, a neuroscience professor at the University of Southern California, claims that emotion … Read More

Affect lab eye-tracking

How eye tracking and VR changes the landscape of shopper testing

Shopper testing or shopper insights refers to research that focuses on in-store and near-store consumer behavior. Insights gathered from shopper testing ensure that your in-store experience is not just enticing customers but also engaging them and driving more sales. Gathering … Read More

People are more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a banner ad. Can you change the odds in your favour?

The title may sound clickbaity, but it’s not. The survival rate for passengers in an aircraft crash ranges from 49 percent to 69 percent, depending on the seat location. Compared to that, the click-through rate (CTR) for a banner ad … Read More

E-commerce and Eye-tracking

How UX testing can help e-commerce platforms analyse their pitfalls

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected numerous industries, such as aviation, hospitality, and automobile. However, it has also been a blessing in disguise for certain sectors such as e-commerce platforms. The sentiment of purchasing goods online is likely to stay … Read More

The subtle art of working from Home @EntropikTech

As with most organizations who have resorted to working from home during the current crisis, we at EntropikTech have been actively engaged in regulating processes across various departments to serve our clients and stakeholders to create positive ripples and aid each other … Read More

Impact of Corona across various sectors

We are in an unprecedented time, where mankind is facing a global crisis with COVID 19. Though there is a serious economic impact to be taken into account, various companies continue to manage workforces remotely and employees seem to adapt … Read More


Amith Kumar, Director, Sales – He joined us not very long ago in the sales team, he is a happy go lucky guy, always full of energy and enthusiastic about work and play both, he is a great dumb charades … Read More

Life at Entropik – Anoop Soman, Sr. Front End Developer, Engineering the future at Entropik

Anoop is the Sr. Front End Developer who sits quietly in a corner in front of his black coding screen and creates masterpieces that astonish everyone. You can often see him working late into the nights and coming in the … Read More