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Geeta is a software engineer at Entropik. She is who we all love calling the quintessential good girl. A successful career woman, she has been staying away from her family making a mark for herself in the big city and … Read More

How to really measure ROI on Sports Sponsorship this World Cup?

    The World Cup has already begun and is packed full for the key matches. As the players get on with the matches and millions of people tune in to watch them, brands are glued to their performance dashboards … Read More

Top 5 Insights We Learnt In 2018 That You Can Apply In Your Consumer Studies

Affect Lab employs its multimodal Emotion Recognition technologies, including EEG-Brain Wave Mapping, Eye Tracking, and Facial Coding, among others – to accurately quantify consumers psychological responses to brand offerings in a coherent and easy to comprehend tabulation, to optimize consumer … Read More

Entropik Tech wins the Amazon AI Conclave 2018 in Media & Entertainment Category

Entropik Tech, won the award in the Media and Entertainment category at the on-going Amazon AI Conclave 2018, Bengaluru Bengaluru, December 13, 2018: Entropik Tech, India’s only EmotionAI company in India, won the award in the Media and Entertainment category … Read More

CEO India: Machines Get Emotionally Intelligent – by Ranjan Kumar

Originally Published in CEO India Magazine EmotionAI platforms like Affect Lab, IBM Watson and Affectiva provide brands access to a range of Emotion Recognition Technologies. Read the original article :

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Video: Decoding Consumer Behavior Using Emotion AI

Testing the emotional consumer experience has often led to 4X ROIs in companies, suggest studies. Moreover, Emotion AI is helping businesses drive maximum ROI by understanding their consumers’ emotions. By deploying technologies like facial coding, eye tracking, and brainwave mapping, … Read More

Role of Emotion AI in EdTech Industry

“Emotion AI in education is an innovative concept, which can help increase the efficacy of the long-distance teaching process,” says Ranjan Kumar

Much has changed in the education sector since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over a billion students worldwide were unable to attend a school or university due to closures in response to the pandemic. This unprecedented shift to home-schooling … Read More

Ad Testing and Role of ‘Emotion’ in Attention Economy

Ad Testing and Role of ‘Emotion’ in Attention Economy

If there’s anything that we can say about our species, Homo Sapiens, as a fact, it is this: we are all very much driven by emotions. Marketing and advertising are no different.  For humans, how we feel makes a big … Read More

Ad In Review - Tanishq by Tata Group

Let’s Decode Tanishq’s Ekvatam Commercial Using Emotion AI

Tanishq’s Ekvatam video commercial recently found itself mired in a raging controversy, largely fueled by social media. The advertisement garnered an immense amount of attention, unfortunately for wrong reasons. Ever since the day of its launch, the ad became a … Read More

Best of Indian Ads

Best of Indian Ads That Struck a ‘GOAL’ by Resonating Consumers’ Emotions

‘Emotion’ plays an important role in consumers purchasing decision. In our latest blog – Role of ‘Emotion’ in Attention Economy , we talked about how emotions need to be a part of the traditional ad testing framework today.  But knowingly … Read More

Rising Emotiveillance in India – Enhancing the Online Learning Experience for Students

Rising Emotiveillance in India – Enhancing the Online Learning Experience for Students

India’s EdTech industry is significantly investing in AI to improve online education standards. Following the Covid-19 outbreak, EdTech in India got a massive boost. With schools shifting to digital classrooms, EdTech firms burgeoned. The sector expects an eight to tenfold … Read More

‘Emotion AI’ is a Pathway Forward to Drive Maximum ROI

Watch Video: ‘Emotion AI’ is a Pathway Forward to Drive Maximum ROI

Automation is happening, and there is no doubt it has brought substantial benefits to businesses and economies worldwide. Moreover,  Emotion AI is the next step in the evolution of artificial intelligence. It’s one of the most disruptive forces. Thus, the … Read More

“95% of decisions made by a consumer are emotional in nature. We are the 2nd largest repository of human emotion data globally,” says Ranjan Kumar

Entropik Tech, the world’s leading Emotion AI company, features on Inc42, a prominent media platform covering the Indian startup ecosystem. The publication’s story covers Entropik Tech’s artificial intelligence-based emotion analytics technology tapping into subconscious consumer behavior. The AI-based technology has … Read More

Entropik Tech’s Emotion AI Platform Enables Tata Sampann’s New Visual Identity Through AI-Powered Consumer Insights

Entropik Tech, India’s first Emotion Analytics company, enabled the transformation of Tata Sampann’s visual identity through cutting-edge insights on subconscious consumer behavior. As part of its strategy to recast its brand identity, Tata Sampann engaged Entropik Tech’s emotion analytics capabilities, … Read More

A Malaysian Bank Uses AffectLab to Pick Most The Preferred Card Design

Credit cards are the most established cashless mode of payment in the market. In fact, they have revolutionized the way consumers do their travel, event tickets, and shopping purchasing via online platforms. Research forecasts that the revenue with credit cards … Read More

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