Posted by Uttam Pandey | July 7, 2017
Add the power of Human Emotions to your Advertising

As advertisers we spend so much time creating videos & chasing viewers via paid advertisements that we miss out on, incorporating consumer feedback & ensuring our content resonates with users...

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Posted by Vinay Sasi | July 3, 2017
Why your Video Content isn’t going Viral?

Have you stumbled upon a video on YouTube with more than a million views and wondered why it went viral? While some might like to say the creator got lucky,...

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Posted by Uttam Pandey | July 3, 2017
Does Consumer Research Make You Want to Seek Peace Like The Yogis?

    How often have you read a Consumer Behavior Research report & realized it raises more questions than answers? After days of waiting to receive these reports you end...

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Posted by Ranjan Kumar | June 20, 2017
Introducing the Affect Lab Android App

  Why ask consumers what they want, when you can read their mind?   Ditch the traditional research approach, stop asking questions and start decoding user's subconscious. No need for...

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Posted by Ranjan Kumar | June 20, 2017

  In his classic work on human psychology, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind, Gustave LeBon wrote: “The greater part of our daily actions are the result of...

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Posted by Uttam Pandey | June 15, 2017
How can Affect Lab Be Used in Video Production Pipeline [A Visual Guide]

Affect Lab goes beyond surveys and questionnaires, to delve into users' subconscious & ensure your brand resonates with them emotionally. Depending on the campaign goal, Affect Lab can be plugged...

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Posted by Vinay Sasi | June 12, 2017
Let Consumer Emotions define your media strategy for Maximum impact

Almost 90% of the human behavior is driven by emotions. If your content marketing strategy for videos hasn’t been able to tap into emotions, you’re probably not getting even 20%...

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Posted by Charu Bhatnagar | May 30, 2017
[Video] Quantifying Emotional Response for your Brands and Products

Entropik presents Affect Lab Decoding Emotional Interactivity. Transforming product experiences by decoding human emotions.

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Posted by ENTROPIK | May 30, 2017
3 Ways human behaviour research can be applied to your brand/product

Transform your products | Create Ads that move | Launch Brands that connect Write to us on or Click here to schedule a demo NOW!

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