Posted by ENTROPIK | September 20, 2017
SALES WARS – big billion day vs the great indian festival

CASE BRIEF:   The eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid rate and the market competition witnessed by consumers is getting more expensive by the day. From free deliveries, special...

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Posted by ENTROPIK | September 6, 2017
Product Variant Testing – FMCG

Case Brief: Product A/B testing is one of the most important aspects for a company. Conducted across the complete product life cycle - introduction, growth, maturity and decline, these tests...

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Posted by ENTROPIK | July 28, 2017
Game On: UX testing for Mobile Games

Case Brief: India’s mobile gaming market is all set to cross $400 million by 2022. The number of mobile gamers are also predicted to reach 628 million by 2020 and...

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Posted by ENTROPIK | May 12, 2017
Establishing a Emotional Connect With Viewers

Case Brief: The popularity of OTT content has been increasing at an astonishing pace; Series fanatics across the world are critical of the content quality as well as very vocal...

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Brand movers
Posted by ENTROPIK | May 12, 2017
Bench-marking & Ranking Your Videos

Case Brief: It is becoming more and more challenging to understand what consumers respond to, today. While some videos go viral in just a few hours, there are others on...

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Posted by ENTROPIK | May 12, 2017
Optimizing Video Advertisements

Case Brief: With the advertising market becoming more cluttered by the second, brands need to connect with the consumers before they can sell their products or services. But the connect...

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Posted by ENTROPIK | May 11, 2017
Content Presentation – What Works & What Doesn’t

Case Brief: Every student has a different way of learning. They look for different formats of tutorials to find what best suits their consumption. We conducted a study on competitive...

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Posted by ENTROPIK | May 10, 2017
UX Optimization; Feature Testing for Apps

Case Brief: Understanding what will engage users and bring them back as repeat customers, and identifying the elements that might discourage them from taking an action, can be challenging. UX...

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