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Create the perfect brand image by leading with empathy

While we may believe that the choices a consumer makes are purely logical, emotions play a vital role in influencing them. In his book Descartes’ error, Antonio Damasio, a neuroscience professor at the University of Southern California, claims that emotion … Read More

Affect lab eye-tracking

How eye tracking and VR changes the landscape of shopper testing

Shopper testing or shopper insights refers to research that focuses on in-store and near-store consumer behavior. Insights gathered from shopper testing ensure that your in-store experience is not just enticing customers but also engaging them and driving more sales. Gathering … Read More

#SmileWithEntropik Contest TnCs

#SmileWithEntropik – Terms & Conditions  The below mentioned Terms and Conditions are applicable for the “#SmileWithEntropik” contest which would be referred to as ‘Contest’ hereinafter Participation in the contest shall be considered valid only for users successfully posting their #SmileWithEntropik … Read More

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