Entropik Tech wins the Amazon AI Conclave 2018 in Media & Entertainment Category

Entropik Tech, won the award in the Media and Entertainment category at the on-going Amazon AI Conclave 2018, Bengaluru Bengaluru, December 13, 2018: Entropik Tech, India’s only EmotionAI company in India, won the award in the Media and Entertainment category … Read More


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Emotion could transform the way we experience artificial intelligence

This startup wants to beat Amazon and Google to add emotional layer to digital assistants but the road ahead is not easy. Originally Published in BGR.IN Voice is doing to human-machine interface what touch did years ago. The primary driver … Read More

Entropik — pioneering Emotional Intelligence SaaS for brands to accentuate customer satisfaction

Originally Published on Entering into Gartner’s Top 5 cool vendors in AI in India is not easy. Evidentially, a company with sound technology that has super disruptive solutions are only known to make it to that list. Bengaluru-based AI … Read More

Intellectual Property – A Must for Disruptive Innovation

A disruptive innovation in business brings forth some unexplored possibilities and opportunities including new market access and strategic partnerships Originally Published on Written by: Ranjan Kumar Founder & CEO, Entropik Tech November 7, 2018 3 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors … Read More

Analytics Insight Magazine – Nov 2018

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Entropik Tech: Connecting Emotionally With Brands And Consumers Through AI

Originally Published on Founded in 2016, Entropik Tech is the only startup to occupy the space of Emotion AI in India. The company explores venues where Emotion AI applications revolutionize products and content and redefine businesses and their interactions … Read More

Meet Entropik Tech, India’s First Startup That Explores EmotionAI

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The Citrus Cartel

  Employee number 52, Ranjan Kumar, says Citrus brought out his entrepreneurial side. After joining in 2014, he was in charge of business development and headed the business in south India, where he was tasked with integrating Citrus Pay with … Read More

CEO India: Machines Get Emotionally Intelligent – by Ranjan Kumar

Originally Published in CEO India Magazine EmotionAI platforms like Affect Lab, IBM Watson and Affectiva provide brands access to a range of Emotion Recognition Technologies. Read the original article :