Posted by Charu Bhatnagar | September 30, 2018
CEO India: Machines Get Emotionally Intelligent – by Ranjan Kumar

EmotionAI platforms like Affect Lab, IBM Watson and Affectiva...

Posted by Charu Bhatnagar | September 17, 2018
Entropik Tech’s Affect Lab wins the ‘Vodafone Talent Contest 2018’

Entropik Tech’s SAAS platform Affect Lab, wins the ’Vodafone...

Posted by Zonun Ralte | September 17, 2018
Redefining Business Landscape with the New Frontier: Emotion Analytics

  Analytics has evolved from being algorithmic to emotionally...

Posted by Charu Bhatnagar | September 10, 2018
AI startups, Entropik Tech helping firms improve productivity

While builds Artificial Intelligence tools for banking, reducing...

Posted by Charu Bhatnagar | August 23, 2018
Entropik Tech awards its communications mandate to Mavcomm Consulting

Entropik Tech helps brands decode their consumer’s subconscious responses...

Posted by Pranav Aditya J | August 10, 2018
Entropik Tech, Raises Pre-Series A, Launches Emotion AI Powered Consumer Behavior Research Platform

Publication: AFAQs Entropik Tech, India's only EmotionAI startup, announced...

Posted by Pranav Aditya J | August 10, 2018
Startup Street: Entropik Raises Funds For Its AI Platform That Can Read Emotions

Publication: Bloombergquint This week on Startup Street, a two-year-old Bengaluru-based...

Posted by Pranav Aditya J | August 10, 2018
A Young Bengaluru Startup Has Built World’s 1st AI That Can Detect & Understand Your Emotions

Publication: Entropik Tech, which sounds like a hundred...

Posted by Pranav Aditya J | August 10, 2018
Entropik Tech, a unique artificial intelligence company that tracks consumer’s cognitive and emotional response

Publication: Analytics Mag   Entropik Tech, a noted startup...

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