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  • Decoding Human Emotions using AI

    Facial coding, Eye-tracking, Brainwave Mapping

Concept Testing – Scratch Film

Brand Communication and Ads are a means to convey the Values & features of Product or Brand in ways that resonate best with the Target Audience. Usually a misaligned communication leads to a drop in Organic conversion and thus low

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Optimizing Media Plan using EMOTION AI

Case Brief A leading global FMCG brand with over 6 Bn $ in Annual marketing Spends is aspiring to solve Marketing Attribution problem using Advanced Technology of Emotion AI.  Given an ever-evolving complex web of Ad distribution channels and form

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EntropikTech raises $8m in Series A funding

The investment round was led by the $300m Alpha Wave Incubation (AWI) fund, a unit of Falcon Edge Capital and backed by ADQ India, 1st September 2020:  Entropik Tech, a leading Emotion AI company based out of Bangalore, India, has

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The subtle art of working from Home @EntropikTech

As with most organizations who have resorted to working from home during the current crisis, we at EntropikTech have been actively engaged in regulating processes across various departments to serve our clients and stakeholders to create positive ripples and aid each other

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Impact of Corona across various sectors

We are in an unprecedented time, where mankind is facing a global crisis with COVID 19. Though there is a serious economic impact to be taken into account, various companies continue to manage workforces remotely and employees seem to adapt

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