10 rising startups in India – Dec 4, 2016

Originally Published in TechInAsia.com

Bangalore-based motion prediction technology startup Entropik Technologies has raised US$200,000 in seed funding from Dileep Bhatt and Milind Chaudhary. Dileep is president of downstream operations at JSW Steel, and Milind is director of Sea Global Services.

Founded in February this year, Entropik focuses on motion sensing, gestures, emotion sensing, and user location to understand an individual’s behavioral patterns. The company has just launched Chromo.io, which predicts user emotions based on their touch gestures on items including smartphones, digital wearables, and IoT sensors. The insights in turn can be used to inform businesses’ notifications and recommendations.Chromo has a patent pending.

Chromo has a patent pending.


Ref: https://www.techinasia.com/10-rising-startups-india-dec-4-2016

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