At Entropik tech, we offer a more intuitive approach to consumer behavior studies using emotionally perceptive Artificial Intelligence technologies.  Consumer Brands use our solutions through an online SaaS platform – Affect Lab In the last couple of days we have rolled out several new features on the platform. Here are some of them.



Affect Lab’s Facial Coding feature reads emotions expressed on people’s countenance. It quantifies the emotion data derived into an easy to understand metrics in real-time.

The new features advanced the platform’s viability to be accessed and utilized by those conducting consumer research using emotion analytics to optimize their end products and designs to grow business returns.

Now our clients can connect with Affect Lab’s Facial Coding platform to try our technology directly on their browser from anywhere and anytime.



The feature allows users to select a media from a list available on our site and as they are watching it, our platform quantifies their emotions in real-time. Users can also request a copy of the report to be sent to them.


Users can now test our Facial Coding Technology with a live demo available on our website. Users who select this option have their expressions mapped to measure their joy, surprise and other emotion metrics.

Many of our early users wanted to try the technology themselves; this live demo feature allows many more netizens to give Facial Coding a try for Free without even signing up.


Users enjoy a prerogative of choosing a video they test by uploading their own content to see viewers’ responses revealed with emotion scores.

This feature is used to analyze a content and find out if it is evoking the emotions coded in it.


This is a unique feature that allows users to upload a video of their choice and analyze the facial expressions of the characters in the media and quantify them with emotion data.

 It is particularly useful in testing C-SAT to measure customer satisfaction at the point of sale or the helpdesk.


Entropik Tech is India’s only Emotion AI technology company. Our solutions are designed to help consumer Brands create impactful data-backed decisions to transform their content and product experiences. Affect Lab combines emotionally intelligent AI technologies such as Brainwave Mapping, Facial Coding, and Eye-Tracking to conduct an end to end consumer research.

Entropik Tech serves many global brands across various industries, and our clientele list includes – GroupM, ITC, Myntra, IMRB, Kadence, Bankbazaar.com, Essilor, CavinKare, Xiaomi, TATA Chemicals, UB Group, Viacom18, TAM Media Research among others.

We now have over 50 clients in India and across the globe including USA, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Join the list of emotionally intelligent brands, take a demo on our site now. You can also signup for a FREE TRIAL and access Brainwave Mapping and Eye Tracking at ZERO COST.

Read your consumers’ facial expressions to measure and quantify their emotional responses to your offerings here https://facial.affectlab.io/

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