Geeta is a software engineer at Entropik. She is who we all love calling the quintessential good girl. A
successful career woman, she has been staying away from her family making a mark for herself in
the big city and yet remaining as rooted to her values. She is unrelentingly soft-spoken but is
someone who knows how to get work done within the tightest of deadlines. You’ll usually find her
playing old Hindi classics with occasional patriotic songs that she hums along to. A hard worker,
team player, yoga enthusiast and a person who can put a smile to anyone’s face by simply being
there, we decided to share her story with Entropik and what keeps her going.

At Entropik, we’re not just building technology for the future. Our goal is to connect people to careers
that feed their life’s purpose and give them jobs that truly motivate and inspire them. This is Geeta’s
story on why she chose to be a part of our team.

Tell us a little about yourself Geeta and how you began your career.
I’m from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh and did my schooling from SSM Sagar. During school, along with
studies, I learned all about our traditions, culture, religion and how respecting others is so important
in life.

I had an interest in computers all through my schooling, so I had decided to take up working towards
being a computer scientist. I took everything I learned so far in life and went on to complete my
graduation from CIST Bhopal.
But I felt I wasn’t done learning yet. So, after graduation, I started preparing for GATE and joined
IIITB for post-graduation. But even today, I am not done learning and continue to learn from those
around me.

Apart from my educational background, I like to play games like Ludo, badminton, TT as they take
you back to the good old childhood days – refreshing your mind instantly. I also like to sing along to
old songs and write a few poems, and even songs myself.
At other times, you’ll find me experimenting in the kitchen. I really like cooking as well!

What attracted you to Entropik in the first place?
To be honest, it was the product that Entropik was working on that grabbed my attention. Initially, I
wanted to know how they were going to use emotions and enable brands to do more with their
marketing and advertising. As I started to learn more about the industry they were targeting, I
wanted to join the team and get hands-on with building the future of emotion-enabled technology.

And so, I am here!

But there was a little something that took me by surprise. Everyone talked about how start-ups
make you endlessly work, and I was a little sceptical when my joining date came in from Entropik.
But from the day I started my career here, I knew whatever I had heard was wrong. Everyone here is
not just supportive of what you want to do, but they also go out of their way to make it happen.

So, what is it that you do today at Entropik?
I joined Entropik as a software engineer. Joining the team has given me many opportunities to work
in different roles and enhance my skills.

What would you say to someone who is exploring a career at Entropik?
It’s a great place to work if you’re someone who loves learning. You’ll be surrounded by open-
minded, friendly and smart professionals

And of course, you’ll always get to walk out of the office feeling proud working on a one-of-its-kind

Entropik is growing and we’re looking for people who want to change the industry
with products that tap into the full potential of technology. So if you’re ready to join
our team of innovators, explore our open opportunities by visiting our careers page.

If you don’t see a role that you fit into or would like to talk to us first, drop us a
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