A Malaysian Bank Uses AffectLab to Pick the Most Preferred Card Design

Credit cards are the most established cashless mode of payment in the market. In fact, they have revolutionized the way consumers do their travel, event tickets, and shopping purchasing via online platforms.

Research forecasts that the revenue with credit cards issued in the APAC region will rise up to $20 trillion, which is almost 3x growth in the number. A 100-year-old Malaysian bank was looking to launch credit cards and wanted to understand consumer preference for design and placements. 

The traditional survey methods used to determine user preference by the bank were ineffective. Such methods failed to identify the ‘true’ feelings of card users about the design, and horizontal/ vertical placements. 

Thus, the bank engaged Entropik Tech – an emotion AI platform – to get a better understanding of the subconscious preferences of consumers. Entropik’s Affect Lab – an emotion AI tool – used Eye Tracking to capture the subconscious behaviour and true feelings of consumers. 

As a result, actionable insights and recommendations for card design and placements were offered, helping the bank decide the most preferred card. 

 Key Highlights 

  • Recommended card options faired 64% higher
  • Actionable insights helped to develop a behavioural positioning map 
  • Optimized branding for a higher acceptance rate in the target market

 Affect Lab’s UsabilityEQ, provides actionable insights and recommendation to optimize products and branding as per consumers cognitive preferences and helps businesses get a competitive edge in the target market.

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