Concept Testing – Scratch Film

Brand Communication and Ads are a means to convey the Values & features of Product or Brand in ways that resonate best with the Target Audience. Usually a misaligned communication leads to a drop in Organic conversion and thus low ROI to the overall Ad campaign. It’s said that brands that fail to convey the core message delivers as low as 40% less conversions.

One of the Top 3 FMCG Brand in India, was exploring ways to evaluate their Creative concept routes and understand the key points of interest and resonance with its TG. The stimulus were in the form of Scratch films,

  • Route A – Focusses on Characters to explain the Product features & merits. The route emphasises on Characters and faces to articulate the story.
  • Route B – Focusses on Product representation, workflow outlines and product features to characterise the story.


The challenge :

  • In the lifecycle of Creative / Ad Testing, picking the right routes at a concept stage has better actionability and ROI as compared to testing it out once the Ads are fully produced.
  • Early-stage concept testing allows Brand to make creative adjustments early on and save on Rework on Ad Production.
  • However, testing concepts using Surveys and Focus Group Discussions in past haven’t led meaningful results for the said Brand largely owing to 
    • Weak Actionability
    • Lack of Pinpointed Insights that can be acted upon
    • Biased Stated Response from Users
    • Lack of Benchmarking
    • High Turn Around Time


Entropik’s Proposition

Entropik’s Emotion AI Platform “” helps brands measure Consumer’s Behavioral insights like Attention, Engagement, Emotion & Eye Gaze enabling understanding their true subconscious drivers to Ad preference. Such System 1 Insights cuts past beyond what they say and explores the real persuasion level & purchase intent of the TG to effectively know the efficacy of Creative Concept Routes.

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