Ad In Review: Oppo’s #BeTheInfinite feat. MS Dhoni

Ad In Review: Oppo’s #BeTheInfinite feat. MS Dhoni

Entropik Tech reviews Oppo’s the #BeTheInfinite Ad Campaign to assess the impact of the Ad on the Target Customers’ emotions.

Bringing on-board global sports icon, MS Dhoni, Oppo launched its #BeTheInfinite campaign. The brand aims to highlight the passion and dedication can drive excellence through this 180-second creative.  The advertisement has crossed 100 million views on YouTube alone due to star power and the engaging narrative.

Ad In Review: #BeTheInfinite Featuring MS. Dhoni

Entropik Tech deployed its proprietary Emotion AI platform – Affect Lab – to unearth the unstated response and reactions from viewers as they watched the advertisement. Affect Lab uses motion AI technologies such as Facial Coding to detect and analyze facial expressions against the emotion metrics of happy, sad, surprise, anger, neutral and detached. Meanwhile, eye tracking interprets the viewer’s eye movements and establishes first view duration, view time distribution, gaze trail, and heat maps.

The creative registered a high attention level of 72.23, which can be well attributed to Dhoni’s presence. However, Entropik Tech’s Emotion AI solution – Affect Lab points out that the commercial recorded a high level of negative emotions of 5.04 due to the content as the kid’s passion contradicted his parent’s plan. 

Ad In Review: Oppo’s #BeTheInfinite feat. MS Dhoni from
Average score of Audience Attention & Emotion Distribution

Even today, a career in sports isn’t encouraged in India, which made the commercial relatable, and emotional insights from Affect Lab attest with an engagement score of 10.98 and an Affect Lab score of 32.71.

In a Nutshell

The commercial is a masterstroke from Oppo, getting millions of views not only because it was featuring Ms.Dhoni but also because it connected with the emotion of every Indian Child’s dream i.e to become a ‘Cricket Star’, and how the passion and dedication can help them to be the one.

Even today, an independent career in sports isn’t encouraged by Indian parents and creating an Ad campaign like this bridges the gap. Oppo’s collaboration with Dhoni for an ad like this is for inspiration for countless youngsters countrywide.

Emotion Report Metrics
Affect Lab emotion metrics include attention that highlights the visual appeal standpoint of any creative on a scale of 0-100.The emotions are also defined in broader segments like positive emotions (happy and surprise) or the intensity of the negative emotions (sad and anger) on a scale of 0-100.
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