Ad In Review: Samsung’s #TheOmnipresentBoss Ad Campaign

Ad In Review: Samsung’s #TheOmnipresentBoss Ad Campaign

Samsung delivers a concise message with an interesting ad campaign  #TheOmnipresentBoss, subtly highlights the latest product feature – #AltZLife – ‘Quick Switch’ 

Samsung’s new ad teaser titled, ‘The Omnipresent Boss’, featuring Gajraj Rao as a spying boss, garnered over 40-million views. The brand announced a brand-new feature, ‘Quick Switch’ in its Samsung Galaxy A71, through the 30-second creative. The feature allows the user to switch from private to the public gallery with a double slick.

Entropik Tech deployed its proprietary Emotion AI platform – Affect Lab – to unearth the unstated response and reactions from viewers as they watched the advertisement. 

Heat Map generated using Emotion AI

Affect Lab uses facial coding to detect and analyze facial expressions against the emotion metrics of happy, sad, surprise, anger, neutral and detached. Meanwhile, eye tracking interprets the viewer’s eye movements and establishes first view duration, view time distribution, gaze trail, and heat maps. Entropik deployed its Emotion AI platform Affect Lab to analyze the consumer’s emotional response and engagement. The insights suggested that the ad, despite the humor, saw high anger emotions and grabbed an attention level of 54.45 with an Affect Lab score of 33.55. 

Average score of Audience Attention & Emotion Distribution

The overall ad was not very engaging and saw a score of only 27.07 out of 100. Affect Lab uses facial coding and eye tracking to analyze the viewer’s facial expressions and eye movements as they watch the ad. 

In a Nutshell

Entropik’s emotion recognition insights suggest that there is a drastic shift among the content advertised by leading brands and advertising agencies in the pandemic-stricken world. Tea breaks in offices seldom end without a dig about the endless work and jokes about your bosses. The ad’s humorous take on the workplace banter through memes is earning a lot of laughter. 

The ad follows two employees making fun of their boss behind his back. When they see him coming, they switch back to a different photo on their phone. Without delving deep into the technical aspects, the ad delivers a concise messaging highlighting the benefits of the feature.

It allows the user to switch from private to the public gallery with the double slick. Neat trick, isn’t it?

Emotion Report Metrics

Affect Lab emotion metrics includes Attention that highlights the visual appeal standpoint of any creative on a scale of 0-100. The emotions are also defined in broader segments like Positive Emotions (happy and surprise) or the intensity of the Negative Emotions (sad and anger) on a scale of 0-100

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