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Entropik’s Emotion AI: A Saviour for Retailers in an Increasingly Digital World

In The News: How Entropik’s Emotion AI platform is helping offline retailers woo shoppers

As shopping behavior changed radically in the last decade, most retailers had to pivot business models to usher in digital transformation. Today, brick-and-mortar stores faced the double whammy of rising e-commerce popularity and pandemic restrictions and needed technology to enhance … Read More

Entropik’s Ad In Review: Ranking of Top 10 US Ads for Emotional Resonance – May 2021

Entropik’s Ad In Review: Ranking of Top 10 US Ads for Emotional Resonance – MAY 2021

Eco-friendly initiatives, futuristic features, and the raging pandemic remain recurring tropes of advertisements that shone in May. From George Clooney’s uproarious obsession with Brad Pitt to Google’s ingenious creatives, brands conveyed their messages by striking an emotional connection with customers.  … Read More

Entropik’s Emotion Report: Most Talked About OTT Trailers in USA – May 2021

The OTT war is on round-the-clock. The tussle to bring on board more subscribers means OTT players are striving to stream unique and emotionally resonating content. And today, exciting, fast-paced, action-packed, and short-form tidbits or trailers are instrumental in amping up viewers’ responses and … Read More

Ad In Review – The One Where They Got Back Together | Friends Reunion

  Entropik’s Emotion Report Analysis For 90’s Primetime Dominant Sitcom Friends: The Reunion Trailer The long-awaited fan service, brimming with an abundance of warm memories, Lisa Kudrow’s magical “My eyes, my eyes!” and revelatory details about Ross and Rachel finally aired. The on-screen reunion of … Read More

Entropik Tech Launches World’s First Fully Self-Serve Interactive Shopper Research Offering

A leader in pure-play Emotion AI, Entropik enables global brands augment their consumer research with behavioral insights to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer. Bangalore, May 05, 2021: Entropik Tech, the world leader in Emotion AI, today announced the … Read More

Entropik’s Ad In Review: Ranking of Top 10 US Ads for Emotional Resonance – April 2021

With the ever-changing scenarios worldwide due to the global pandemic, brands are constantly trying to develop advertisements with relevant emotional messaging and appropriate tone for their audiences. Emotional sensitivity and creativity are proving instrumental in successfully advertising and connecting with … Read More

Interactive Virtual Shopper Research

Entropik Tech Launches Interactive Virtual Shopper Research

If Online Shopping wasn’t enough of a challenge for the Retail sector, Covid-19 has given customers even more reasons to shop online. The steady rise in Online Shopping is recorded up to 44% growth in 2020, and the sudden impact of Covid-19 has left retailers with no … Read More

Emotion AI: The Future of Consumer Research in Retail

The Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in numerous changes to the retail landscape. The industry is transforming- from an increased emphasis on redesigning stores as per physical distancing norms, mushrooming contactless payment systems to retailers struggling to maintain in-store footfall when … Read More

How Emotion AI is Revolutionizing the Gaming World

Emotion AI is rapidly advancing as applications become more widespread, and the technology becomes more dynamic with 2021 positioned as a breakout year. But exactly how much Emotion AI surrounds people through their computers, smartphones, and video game consoles? Up until 2018, … Read More

Entropik’s Ad In Review: Ranking of Top10 US Ads for Emotional Resonance-March 2021

From laugh out loud-funny, thought-provoking to joyful, or downright confusing, Ad commercials in March 2021 generated significant buzz across platforms. Let us have a look at Entropik’s monthly roundup of the top USA ads.   Starbucks Shake Things Up a Little  Titled ‘Shake … Read More

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