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Marketing 101: Questions Every Content Marketer Should Ask

Social media today, is super cluttered! The volume of content being shared by users and businesses, is increasing by the day. This has resulted in even the best of brands failing at reaching out to their audience with the right … Read More

Add the power of Human Emotions to your Advertising

As advertisers we spend so much time creating videos & chasing viewers via paid advertisements that we miss out on, incorporating consumer feedback & ensuring our content resonates with users at an ‘emotional level’. Instead of bombarding users with content … Read More

Does Consumer Research Make You Want to Seek Peace Like The Yogis?

    How often have you read a Consumer Behavior Research report & realized it raises more questions than answers? After days of waiting to receive these reports you end up spending hours & days decoding the data & when … Read More

How can Affect Lab Be Used in Video Production Pipeline [A Visual Guide]

Affect Lab goes beyond surveys and questionnaires, to delve into users’ subconscious & ensure your brand resonates with them emotionally. Depending on the campaign goal, Affect Lab can be plugged in at any stage of  your production pipeline. Check out … Read More

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