Best of Indian Ads That Struck a ‘GOAL’ by Resonating Consumers’ Emotions

Best Ads: It’s not about selling a brand value, but resonating consumers’ Emotion.

‘Emotion’ plays an important role in consumers purchasing decision. In our latest blog – Role of ‘Emotion’ in Attention Economy , we talked about how emotions need to be a part of the traditional ad testing framework today. 

But knowingly or unknowingly, savvy marketers have been tapping into human emotions to create successful campaigns for years. They’ve been using emotions to build long-lasting relationships with their consumers. 

Don’t believe us?

Here’s a rundown of some brands that have successfully tapped into the power of human emotions before. 

1. Dabur Vatika’s #BraveAndBeautiful Campaign

To celebrate the victory of women cancer survivors, Dabur Vatika’s ad shows a bald woman’s first day back to work after having just recovered from cancer. It was a bold campaign to honour the bravehearts and inspire other women battling cancer. 

One doesn’t expect a campaign of such sorts from hair shampoo and oil brands. But Dabur Vatika did it, and it was a WOW effect! 

2. Fortune’s #GharKaKhaana Campaign

If there are three words that can make anyone overjoyed, it’s “Ghar Ka Khaana”. In their campaign to show how the ‘homemade food’ is irreplaceable, Fortune shows a grandmother bringing home-cooked food for her grandson, at a hospital, where outside food is not allowed. 

And a little story unfolds, which makes her desire come true. Every Indian could connect to the ad through the emotion reflected towards the love and longing for ‘homemade food’.

The campaign resonates with every Indian mom – Ghar ka khana, ghar ka khana hota hai – Home-cooked food is the best any day! 

3. Havells’s #WiresThatDon’tCatchFire Campaign

It’s a fact that a son can’t see her mother in pain. Aligning to this emotion of concern and affection toward mom and affection, this heartwarming yet simple ad won the heart of many Indians. The Ad showed how a woman is comforted by her little son as she tries to cook chapatis on a ‘chulha’ – an open fire stove.  

Every time she flips it, her hands burn, and seeing this, the boy brings a Havells’ cable and makes a pair of tongs by bending them. The ad concludes with the voice-over “Havells. Wires that don’t catch fire.”

Does your campaign need to be emotional? 

Campaigns vary from industry to industry. Sometimes they vary from brand to brand in the same industry. But the one thing that does remain the same is the fact that the end consumers are humans. 

And humans will always respond to emotions more than a sales pitch. 

So do you need to tap into emotions for your campaigns?

 If yes, try Affect Lab!

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