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Entropik’s Emotion AI: A Saviour for Retailers in an Increasingly Digital World

In The News: How Entropik’s Emotion AI platform is helping offline retailers woo shoppers

As shopping behavior changed radically in the last decade, most retailers had to pivot business models to usher in digital transformation. Today, brick-and-mortar stores faced the double whammy of rising e-commerce popularity and pandemic restrictions and needed technology to enhance … Read More

Ad In Review – The One Where They Got Back Together | Friends Reunion

  Entropik’s Emotion Report Analysis For 90’s Primetime Dominant Sitcom Friends: The Reunion Trailer The long-awaited fan service, brimming with an abundance of warm memories, Lisa Kudrow’s magical “My eyes, my eyes!” and revelatory details about Ross and Rachel finally aired. The on-screen reunion of … Read More

Interactive Virtual Shopper Research

Entropik Tech Launches Interactive Virtual Shopper Research

If Online Shopping wasn’t enough of a challenge for the Retail sector, Covid-19 has given customers even more reasons to shop online. The steady rise in Online Shopping is recorded up to 44% growth in 2020, and the sudden impact of Covid-19 has left retailers with no … Read More

How Emotion AI is Revolutionizing the Gaming World

Emotion AI is rapidly advancing as applications become more widespread, and the technology becomes more dynamic with 2021 positioned as a breakout year. But exactly how much Emotion AI surrounds people through their computers, smartphones, and video game consoles? Up until 2018, … Read More

Media Planning Optimization | Affect Lab

Leading FMCG Brand lifts Marketing Spend ROI by 34%

A globally well-known Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brand with annual marketing spend of over $6 billion runs commercials in several formats on Facebook, Hotstar, and YouTube, majorly consumed through televisions, laptops, and mobiles. Given the ever-evolving complex web of ad … Read More

Usability Optimization Chatbots

IT Consulting Firm Maximizes Chatbot Utilization by 21%

A leading IT consulting firm with a revenue of $44.33 billion is driving the digital transformation for a premier multinational bank. As part of the transformative process, one of their mandates is to deliver a superlative customer experience across digital … Read More

A Malaysian Bank Uses AffectLab to Pick the Most Preferred Card Design

Credit cards are the most established cashless mode of payment in the market. In fact, they have revolutionized the way consumers do their travel, event tickets, and shopping purchasing via online platforms. Research forecasts that the revenue with credit cards … Read More

A Fortune Global 500 company was looking for a solution to optimize the UX/UI performance of a Chatbot for their banking client. Entropik Tech’s emotion AI solution – Affect Lab, was deployed to deliver a seamless Chatbot experience for the bank.

A Premier Global Bank Enhanced ‘Chatbot Experience’ Using Emotion AI Platform

Chatbots have taken the digital customer service space by storm. A study claims that by 2022, banks will automate up to 90% of customer interaction via Chatbots. Having said that, the digital banking system is still struggling to perform seamless … Read More

A Leading Global Bank Leverages Affect Lab’s Emotion AI Tech To Lift Digital Conversions by 12%

A leading global bank was struggling with a long-standing issue of a leaking customer funnel on its mobile application. While the existing user experience testing methods employing surveys and focus group discussions were able to ascertain the ‘what’ of the … Read More

Retail packaging design test

India’s Trusted FMCG Brand Deploys Emotion AI To Identify the Most Saleable Package Design

We live in an informative era where consumer’s expectations are increasing by leaps and bounds. With so many alternatives stacked on the shelf next to the brand’s product, it’s difficult to stand out.  A big player in the Food Industry … Read More

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