Decoding consumer emotions with facial expression tracking

“Using Facial Coding To Analyze Customers In This Digital Age”  

That’s correct!

Conducting surveys and circulating questionnaires among customers are passe in this time and age. Today, understanding customer behavior has gone beyond these conventional methods. Marketers and businesses alike are on the look-out for quick ways to get a genuine input from their potential customers.

But is there anything which takes into consideration not just the convenience of technology but also the dynamism of human emotions? Yes, there is! And that’s what we are going to discuss here. Did you know that human beings have 21 different facial expressions? This means human faces make an interesting point of the study – especially when it comes to getting an appropriate feedback on a particular product or service from them.

This is where the concept of facial coding comes into the picture. It is a method to measure human emotions with the help of facial expressions thereby giving a competitive edge to the brands by knowing a customer’s unarticulated and unsaid feelings about a product or service.

Facial expression tracking was first written about in 1978 and it has come a long way indeed in 2017. With accuracy reaching 85%, facial coding is securing a strong foothold commercially.

Affect Lab is India’s only company that specializes in facial coding.

Affect Lab’s tech works in four steps:

  1. Webcams do the work

During a test, the facial expressions of the consumer are analyzed using a webcam.

  1. Ever heard of Facial Landmarks?

With the help of Affect Lab’s proprietary Facial Coding technology, landmarks are created on the consumer’s face. These landmarks are the little dots you see on the face.

  1. Four core elements observed

Through the movement of landmarks, it becomes easier to calculate a couple of elements essential to facial coding such as angles, distances, eccentricities, and ratios.

  1. Affect Lab has an accuracy of 85%

This gives a complete overview of the human emotions, with an accuracy of 85 percent, all thanks to Affect Lab’s proprietary technology. Affect Lab helps to decode user behaviors by using EEG-brain wave mapping and facial tracking. Simple!


Once the emotions are captured and analyzed, this is how they are put to use:


  1. Media optimization

Movie trailers: Through facial coding, you can get frame by frame emotional analysis of consumers watching movie trailers. Are they disgusted, bored or excited? Their faces will give away everything! Whatever the response is, the movie trailer can be then accordingly tweaked to get positive responses.

Advertisements: Whether it is audio, print or digital advertisements, you can easily study the impact of the advertisements your users have and make changes.

Ad placement: Boost ad conversions by testing and optimizing its placement where it’s most likely to get the attention from potential customers.

  1. UI/UX optimization

Whether it is the UI/UX of a website or a mobile application, you can analyze real-time interactions of the customers with the gadgets and accordingly improve the product designs. This way, you will always launch a product that is designed for success!

  1. Effective branding

With this technology, you can literally quantify how well your customers connect with your brand. Does your product have a solid recall value? If not, you can run specific campaigns to boost your familiarity levels.

The applications of Facial coding are unlimited. Unsure how it can benefit your brand? Book a Free Demo to know more.


Over to you


Affect Lab allows for

  • Testing videos with 100’s of users with just a click 
  • Select the test audience from a pool of varied demographic and geographic segments of test users
  • Large Scale testing can be done in 24-48 hrs
  • No need of conducting cumbersome Focus Group exercises
  • Get presentation-ready reports
  • Benchmark with global videos or competition content

Affect Lab offers facial coding service to a range of industries such as FMCG, automotive, healthcare, education, media, advertising, etc.

Give it a try? Watch a video and we’ll tell you what you think about it in less than 5 seconds!

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