Entropik Technologies Launches Chromo – Technology That Predicts User Emotions Based on Smartphone Touch Gestures

Chromo.io is their first product that machine learns on mobile touch data and Smartphone Motion/ Gesture sensor data to predict Emotion Sense, Motion Sense, Semantics and Gestures as the user uses the app.

Originally Published in BWDisrupt Businessworld

Can you deny the fact that with the coming of the information era, smartphones have become an indispensible part of our lives? And because people interact with smartphones so much through the day, these devices may be deemed the most ideal to facilitate recognizing a user’s physiological and emotional state. Well while it may sound unfeasible and far-fetched, Bangalore based digital research driven deep technology company Entropik Technologies is making this feat a possibility.Entropik Technologies has built a product that bridges emotional interactivity between human and machines across all digital mediums through primary research and development.

Conceptualized in Feb 2016 and founded by Ranjan Kumar, Entropik Technologies is driven by a young group of researches, techies, entrepreneurs, business professionals and thought leaders in the domain with wide professional and academic experience from some of the world’s most renowned establishments in the world including IITs and Oxford University.

Entropik Technologies has been in pursuit to understand personalized behavioral patterns of users by raising 4 questions…

a)Motion sensing – What a user is doing at any point in time – Walking, Running, Driving, Sitting?

b)Gestures – How a user uses mobile devices – Sitting Alert, Relaxed, Lying down?

c)Emotion sensing – While using a smartphone, how is the feeling – Happy, Sad, Frustrated, Excited, Bored?

d)Semantics – Where the user is – At office, In the car, At home?

Thus bearing these in mind and in a quest for answers to link this gap between machine and man, over a period of 8 months of intensive research, they have assembled a patent pending technology breakthrough invention called Chromo. Chromo predicts user emotions based on their touch gestures on smartphone/digital wearables/IoT sensors.

Chromo – The Product

Chromo.io is their first product that machine learns on mobile touch data and Smartphone Motion/ Gesture sensor data to predict Emotion Sense, Motion Sense, Semantics and Gestures as the user uses the app. These rich insights are fed to help businesses trigger relevant actions on recommendation and notifications. Further, they simulate this sequence of emotions and activity to predict the propensity of outcome that includes sales, customer engagement, sharing etc.

Ranjan Kumar, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Entropik adds, “Knowing your consumer has always been the core priority for any business. But the approach to build Artificial Intelligence that learns on personalized wearables, smartphones and IoT sensors has opened a new depth to know consumers. Smartphones have been the first technology since advent of human history that have outnumbered the human population and we are still scratching just the surface. IoT likewise has started peaking globally as a data source.”

How will Chromo benefit business enterprises?

The patent pending technology has wide application in the field of Digital Healthcare, Consumer Communication optimization, Media and Edutech.This is a unique non – intrusive method to let businesses know how their consumers feel about their product/service. Effectively they are deciphering the language of touch by machine learning on touch sensor data available through smartphones.

“It’s a patent pending technology that’s highly future driven and unique to us. Never before has something like swipe touch had been employed to predict user likings and thus the likelihood of its outcome. Further, whether you are walking or running (Motion Sensing piece) merged with emotion technology creates a comprehensive understanding about user behavior that has not yet been leveraged as a technology anywhere. Our product is exclusively R&D driven which is fairly exceptional and rare in the Indian Ecosystem,” adds Ranjan.

The company has recently raised angel investment from Mr. Dileep Bhatt, Angel Investor, President, Downstream Ops, JSW Steel Ltd. and from Mr. Milind Chaudhary, Angel Investor and Director, Sea Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Entropik Technologies has plenty of research and patent pending prototypes that are ready to make their way into the market. They are looking to raise another round of funding within another 4-6 months that will be employed to commercialise these patented technologies while also hiring experts to build a world class team for the company.

Data consumption and production is at an all-time high and around the world the numbers are multiplying year on year. The technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence has for the first time seen right distribution support of data collection to build impossible intelligence around human behavior, both at a physiological and emotional level.


Ref: http://bwdisrupt.businessworld.in/article/Entropik-Technologies-Launches-Chromo-Technology-That-Predicts-User-Emotions-Based-on-Smartphone-Touch-Gestures/01-12-2016-109113/

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