Entropik’s Ad In Review: Ranking of Top 10 US Ads for Emotional Resonance – April 2021

With the ever-changing scenarios worldwide due to the global pandemic, brands are constantly trying to develop advertisements with relevant emotional messaging and appropriate tone for their audiences. Emotional sensitivity and creativity are proving instrumental in successfully advertising and connecting with viewers in a time like this. 

From Target’s environment-friendly themes to Google’s touching life-in-the-pandemic narratives, April’s top 10 ads is the perfect blend of creativity and emotional connect with audience. 

Let us have a look at top 10 USA ads released in the month of April based on Entropik Tech’s Emotion Report.   

Entropik Tech’s Emotion Report For Top 10 US Ads – April 2021

Flush Paper: Choose a forest for your bum

The leading sustainable toilet paper manufacturer, Cloud Paper, is winning the internet with its new commercial, ‘Flush Paper: Choose a forest for your bum.’ The company, aiming to deliver eco-friendly toilet papers, created a fake TP company called Flush to air a satirical take on big toilet paper brands. 

Flush Paper: Choose a forest for your bum. 

According to Entropik’s emotion-driven insights, the Flush paper’s ad acquired the highest Affect Lab score of 47.03, when the protagonist explains how the present-day toilet papers are made from 150+-year-old ancient forests to get long fibers and increase the softness quotient. 

The ad garners a high attention score of 64.52 when it highlights deforestation for toilet paper production. The creative got a solid engagement score of 35.05 when it spoke about flush paper providing a more transparent and tailored toilet paper experience and coined a catchy nomenclature FLUSHPARENCY. 

Google- An Octopus Story 

In the latest from Google, viewers watch a heartwarming tale of a child’s newly discovered passion for octopuses. This ad follows a young boy facing relatable doldrums of life in quarantine. He is growing detached from virtual schooling and even with his dad’s attempts at keeping him entertained. The spark that reignites his passion comes from an unexpected source, and Google helps fuel his curiosity to learn more. 

Google — An Octopus Story 

Entropik’s emotion report indicates that since the scenario is highly relatable to every household as this ad records the highest engagement score of 36.95. Besides, the father-son duo also secured a solid attention score and an AffectLab rating of 63.94 and 46.54, respectively. 

Target Retail  #HiltonCarterxTarget

Target’s new ad, featuring plant enthusiast and interior stylist Hilton Carter, encourages customers to bring the outside in. While Carter narrates that greenery has a power that nothing else possesses, the ad displays live and faux plants and accessories.  

Hilton Carter for Target 

Target capitalizes on customers feeling rejuvenated, alive when walking into plant-filled spaces. In a room packed with plants, the ad follows Carter as he expertly cares for and showcases a vast collection of plants.  

According to Emotion AI insights, the attention and engagement scores peak up to 64.09 and 31.78 when the artist hopes to bring more plants into everyone’s spaces so they can experience relaxation, refreshment, and inspiration. The ad recorded an AL score of 45.  

DOVE #ReverseSelfie  

Dove, known for its social campaigns, encourages customers to have #TheSelfieTalk. This video presents the extent to which girls edit their images online. It follows the young girl and the emotional and physical stages she goes through to post the perfect selfie. 

Dove Presents Reverse Selfie 

This ad grabs a strong attention score of 64.71 with higher negative emotions as it portrays the knock-on effect damaging girls’ self-esteem and distorting their expectations of beauty. The ad recorded good AL and engagement scores at 44.68 and 30.81, respectively. 

Google – A CODA Story

With close to 5.5 million views on YouTube, the latest from Google is a tear-jerker. The commercial highlights the use and significance of accessible technologies.  

Google — A CODA Story 

The protagonist in this ad describes his experience growing up as a child of deaf adults (CODA) and how automatic captioning tools help him introduce his new baby to his parents via video chat in a physically distanced world. 

This profoundly personal ad with an emotional punch grabs the third-highest engagement score of 33.48 and attention score of 62.97. It records an AL score of 44.55. 

Resort Worlds Las Vegas #StayFabulous

Resort Worlds Las Vegas’ highly anticipated commercial featured megastars of the music industry, including Carrie Underwood, Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Tiësto, Luke Bryan, and Zedd.  

Resorts World Las Vegas debuts ‘Stay Fabulous’ commercial featuring some of music’s biggest stars 

The immersive short film gathered a half-dozen celebrities into an environment promoting the resort’s nightlife, culinary offerings, entertainment, gaming, and tech-led amenities. 

This creative and playful ad acquires high attention and engagement scores of 63.63 and 30.70, respectively. It also garners an AL score of 44.46. 

IKEA Home – Make Everyday Magic

This 15-second-long ad from Ikea envisions a reality with extraordinary lighting, music, and the possibility to switch on everything from the comfort of the bed.  

Make everyday magic with the IKEA Home smart system – IKEA 

According to Entropik’s emotion report, the creative draws high attention score at 64.15 by showing a remote-control futuristic bedroom setup. It records an average AL score of 42.66 and engagement levels of 26.02. 

IKEA WFH Essentials 

IKEA’s WFH creative taps into the customer base, working remotely from the confines of their homes. The ad echoes the promise of transforming the breakfast table into a home office in a flash. 

From breakfast table to home office in no time – IKEA 

As per emotion recognition insights from Entropik, the creative drew an attention score of about 64.25 and an engagement score of 25.62. An AL score of 42.62 was recorded. 

Coca Cola #TurnUpYourRhythm

Coca-Cola’s latest ad features an energizing track from the Grammy-nominated pop vocal group BTS encapsulating sonic and rhythmic uplift associated with drinking Coke. 

Turn Up your Rhythm 

The zestful commercial garnered a high attention score of 64.15 and grabbed an engagement level of 27.27. An AL score of 42.6 was recorded. 

Progressive Insurance  #TheAdWhereNothingHappens

To make sure ‘nothing happens,’ Progressive Insurance has delivered an ad with awkward silences. When the Progressive agents brief their customer about the features and advantages of her home and auto insurance bundle, an awkward silence fills the room, followed by one or two quips from the characters. Trying to capture how customers are mostly tired now in the middle of a pandemic, the ad did not strike the right chords with viewers.  

The Ad Where Nothing Happens 

However, this ad grabs a high attention score of 64.28 towards the end when the front door bursts open and “three-fifths of NSYNC” a boyband appears. Apart from that, the ad recorded average engagement and AL scores of 25.44 and 42.34.  

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Entropik Tech analyzed 30 media ads released in the month of April based on YouTube viewership , and the above creatives emerged as the top 10 in terms of engagement, attention, and emotional resonance. 

An exciting revelation from Entropik’s emotion report also indicates that people’s attitudes towards the pandemic in flux, brands must respond appropriately with emotionally resonating commercials. Getting the emotion right in advertising is now more crucial than ever to ensure customer loyalty. 

That’s where Emotion AI can help. Brands can effectively test media content, measure real-time emotions, engagement, and attention levels. They can reduce testing TAT, scale up their consumer behavior research, and optimize marketing spends.

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