Entropik’s Ad In Review: Ranking of Top 10 US Ads for Emotional Resonance – MAY 2021

Entropik’s Ad In Review: Ranking of Top 10 US Ads for Emotional Resonance – May 2021

Eco-friendly initiatives, futuristic features, and the raging pandemic remain recurring tropes of advertisements that shone in May. From George Clooney’s uproarious obsession with Brad Pitt to Google’s ingenious creatives, brands conveyed their messages by striking an emotional connection with customers. 

Let us look at Entropik’s monthly roundup of May 2021’s 10 most emotion-triggering ads.

Omaze | George Clooney | Fund Raising

The hilarious four-minute video starring George Clooney bags the highest Affect Lab score of 47.37 among the other ads where he talks about “lifelong friendship” with his “roommate” Byron. Later in the commercial, Bryon spills the tea on what’s it’s like sharing a home with the Academy Award winner, especially his loopy obsession with his ex-co-star Brad Pitt.

The ad gets a high attention score of 63.83 when the actor announces a brand-new fundraiser for his foundation. Clooney mentions that one lucky fan can win the opportunity to become a houseguest to him and his wife, the high-powered barrister Amal Clooney, in Lake Como, Italy, once the pandemic subsides.

The ad retains the high engagement score of 37.09 throughout the video, where Clooney annoys his roommate Byron with life-sized cardboard cut-outs of Pitt all around their home and even interrupts him while he was interviewing for a job on Zoom. Finally, Clooney agrees to have watched Ocean’s Eleven 22 times.

Samsung Galaxy Pro 360

Unveiling its latest offering Pro 360, Samsung dropped a 105-second commercial with a chic and futuristic tone. With over 172K views, the ad is fairing well with viewers.

According to Affect Lab’s emotion insights, the attention and engagement score peaks up to 63.02 and 33.03, respectively, when Samsung highlights its AMOLED display, long-lasting battery, thin, lightweight, immersive sound by Dolby Atmos, second screen, and the quick share feature. With 6.1K thumbs-ups on YouTube, the ad garnered an AffectLab score of 44.09.

Google: Learn In Any Language with Google Lens

The ad starts with a little girl from Indonesia who narrates her hardships in learning English and doing homework during the pandemic. She tells how Google lens helps her translate homework questions and makes learning easier.

The happiness quotient peaks to 11.36 in the 69th sec when the girl says that she wants to use her knowledge to improve her community and make her parents proud. The motivating commercial tugs right onto viewers’ emotions and bags attention and engagement scores of 63.48 and 29.84. Besides, the creative collects an AffecLab score of 43.69.

IBM ‘Hybrid Cloud

In the most recent ad from IBM, the phrase ‘Hybrid Cloud’ grabs a high attention score of 63.76 and an engagement score of 30.62.

The world is going hybrid with IBM

The attention and engagement levels peak when the ad describes how hybrid cloud and AI help automate processes accelerating the business and enhancing customer and employee experiences.

With a powerful narration and captivating background score, the IBM commercial scored 43.66 on the Affect Lab scale.

IKEA – Change a Bit For Good

Ikea’s latest commercial features a pocket-sized robot standing in the face of massive pollution across the planet. The ad starts with the robot taking extreme measures to save Earth from plastics and garbage but ultimately failing.

Keep Movin’ from Crosby St Models blasts in the background as the robot realizes how small efforts from everyone towards sustainability will create a more significant impact.

This innovative theme perfectly encapsulates how a lot of people feel about Earth’s condition. The ad, hitting the right chord with the audience, grabs a solid attention score of 63.90. In addition, the commercial garners an AffectLab score of 43.51 and an engagement score of 28.85.

Google: A Carbon-Free Future

The technology giant breaks new ground once again with its latest creative. The video brings to the fore Google’s initiative towards sustainability and envisions a carbon-free Earth. Google claims carbon-neutrality since 2007 and aims to become carbon-free before 2030.

The video manages to draw a high engagement score of 31.05 with a high negative quotient as it explains the knock-on effect on Earth’s energy resources. The commercial grabs above-average attention, and AffecLab scores at 62.99 and 43.06.

M&M’s Mix- Freaking Out!

The candy brand, owned by Mars Incorporated, M&M floors its newest treat with a short six-second-long commercial. Entropik’s emotion-rich report indicates that the viewers were elated to see all their favorite flavors in one bag of M&M’S Mix.

The commercial grabs an excellent attention score of 64.69 with a high happiness quotient. The ad chalks up engagement and AffectLab scores of 25.83 and 42.98.

McDonald’s | The BTS Meal

With over 3.6 million YouTube views and over 410K likes, McDonald’s commercial for their brand-new BTS meal took the internet by storm.

The signature BTS’ order includes a medium World Famous Fries, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, a medium Coke, and Cajun and Sweet Chili dipping sauces courtesy of South Korea’s McDonald’s recipes.

The 37-second-long ad attracted a high attention score of 64.42 from respondents. Besides, the commercial recorded AffectLab and engagement scores of 42.83 and 26.61, respectively.

Cadbury Dairy Milk | The School Bus Ad

The latest creative from Cadbury is a minute long and packs small acts of kindness. With over 287K views since its launch, the ad features a young boy and his mother on their commute. The slow-paced TVC concludes with an unexpected and simple gesture of generosity from the kid who presents his Cadbury bar to a distressed girl.

According to Entropik’s emotion-insights, the commercial collects a high attention score of 63.41 and an average engagement level of 27.43. In addition, the creative records an AL score of 42.16.

Oscar Mayer: Sandwich Bed

This off-beat commercial from Oscar Mayer features a blissfully sleeping woman snuggling with layers of turkey blankets. This wonderfully odd take on the brand’s legacy, ‘Keep It Oscar,’ has garnered 424K views on YouTube.

The ad grabbed a good attention score of 62.91 and an engagement level of 27.74. and AffectLab score of 41.78 was recorded.

Wrap Up

Whether brands tackle the pandemic or pollution themes, connecting with viewers and tapping into their emotions is vital. We can see that the more goofy and genuine ads are, the more audiences are glued to their screens. With Emotion AI platforms like Entropik’s AffectLab, brands can decode human emotions with a click. 

AffectLab deploys eye tracking and facial coding to derive real-time emotional insights by deciphering responses, facial expressions, and consumer’s subconscious minds. 

Entropik’s Ad In Review: Ranking of Top 10 US Ads for Emotional Resonance – May2021
Entropik’s Ad In Review: Ranking of Top 10 US Ads for Emotional Resonance – May2021

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