Entropik’s Emotion Report: Most Emotion Triggering Digital Ads – Dec 2020

Most Emotion Triggering Digital Ads – December 2020

Consumer marketing is undergoing a tremendous amount of change, and marketers are leveraging the potential of emotional marketing by creating emotionally-charged and appealing advertisements.

Emotions not only influence customer choices but, in many cases, determine their final decisions. Whether it’s MTV India’s latest drop #SaalKhatamHuaHaiKhatraNahi or Amazon India’s short commercial packed with outfits and sneakers, here are the top ten emotion triggering ads in the post-pandemic times.

Top Ten Ads in December 2020 as determined by Entropik Tech’s Affect Lab Score

Please find below the detail analysis of emotion metric report generated by Entropik’e Emotion AI platform AffectLab.

Asian Paints

Safe Painting Service | Neighbours | Ellathayum Avar Paathupaar

Getting your house painted during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak will definitely invoke your neighbour’s attention, especially when the painters are donning masks and gloves. That’s how Asian Paints introduced the new normal in painting when the brand launched it’s latest commercial called “Asian Paints Safe Painting Service” on December 11, 2020.

Garnering more than 2 million views, the ad shows an anxious neighbour whose worries disappear after seeing the on-site supervisor from Asian Paints. Meanwhile, the homeowner explains to her neighbour that the supervisor will ensure all Covid-19 related safety checks.

Asian Paints: Safe Painting Service | Neighbours | Ellathayum Avar Paathupaar

Leading Emotion AI-company, Entropik Tech, deployed AffectLab to decode the customer responses. The insights reveal that the most dominant emotion for the ad was neutral. Still, the high AffectLab score of 37.05 and a good attention level indicate that the commercial was visually appealing.

Emotion recognition technologies demonstrated that respondents connected well with the ad as the engagement level was high at 24.1. The slightly higher negative emotions can be attributed to the visuals related to the Covid-19 situation and the fear that accompanies it, even in day-to-day activities like painting the house.

Amazon India

Wardrobe Refresh Sale

Amazon India’s commercial promoting their #RefreshSale amassed over six million views days within the launch. The 25-second commercial showcases how easily people are renewing their wardrobe post-lockdown to prep up for the New Year.

The chic outfits and the snazzy sneakers are faring well with the customers. The positive reception for such a short ad can be ascribed to the availability of home-delivery options for non-essential Amazon goods.

Emotion insights from AffectLab establish that the commercial garnered an impressive attention level of 55.89 and an AffectLab score of 36.69. The remarkable stats elucidate how compelling the short ad was in delivering a clear and concise brand messaging. The commercial is also triggering a strong sense of celebration among viewers.

McDonald’s EatQual™

On the International Day of Person with Disabilities, McDonald’s India in South and West announced its new launch, “EatQual,” specially crafted for its differently-abled customers. Subsequently, the brand dropped a commercial for McDonald’s EatQual promotion in mid-December 2020, reinforcing its brand messaging of creating delicious feel-good moments accessible and easy for all. 

The 90-second long video follows a young woman at McDonald’s narrative and has stirred various social media discussions.

With an inclusive and progressive initiative like this, the ad bagged an elevated attention level of 58.51, mentioning the AffectLab’s motion insights. The platform uses facial coding and eye-tracking technologies to delve deep into customer emotions .

AffectLab also delivered an exciting revelation that the ad saw a peak in negative emotions at the 52nd second right when the background music stops and the screen focuses on the box reading “EatQual.” The commercial also witnesses a peak in surprise emotions from respondents when the McDonald’s initiative appears.

MTV #SaalKhatamHuaHaiKhatraNahi

Continue Staying Safe!

As people get off the rollercoaster ride of 2020 and step into 2021, safety cannot be compromised. Illustrating the same message, MTV launches its new brand film packed with energy, pumped-up music, a pizzazz element, and Covid-19 safety essentials.

The minute-long commercial airs a catchy message on-screen, “Saal Khatam Hua Hai, Khatra Nahi, Continue Staying Safe!,” as the woman shows her elation on finally leaving the house for a brunch. The captivating commercial is resonating well with viewers across platforms.

MTV’s gentle reminder- “Saal Khatam Hua Hai, Khatra Nahi, Continue Staying Safe!

Even the AffectLab emotion highlights say that the ad’s engagement levels were high at 23.18, emphasizing the relatability factor amid audiences who are feeling new-found hope in 2021. MTV’s commercial is a perfect encapsulation of pandemic, fun, fervor, and the New Year. Without saying no to the masks or overdoing the fear, the ad is a creative masterpiece.

Parachute Oil says, “Dear Winter”

In their latest advertising campaign, #DearWinter, Parachute Advanced Hot Oil takes on the love-hate bond between women and the winter season. The minute-long film follows a young woman who is troubled with her dry winter hair.

A season that brings along boots, scarves, jackets, roses, family reunions, dates, and weddings also bring split ends and dry hair, says the lead in the advertisement.

Parachute hot oil markets its product as the perfect solution to having beautiful hair even in winters. With a relatable concept and a useful product, the hair-care brand is striking all the right chords with its viewers.

Emotion AI insights from Entropik Tech suggest that the commercial’s attention and engagement scores were remarkable at 54.05 and 22.38, respectively. The ad was consistent with its theme, and the insights indicate that not much fluctuation in the positive emotions and negative emotions were recorded throughout the commercial.

H&M #HMBringOnTheFuture

Top clothing giant H&M dropped a heart-warming commercial brimming with concepts of hope, self-love, and humbleness. The holiday ad campaign from H&M called #BringOnTheFuture features Grammy award-winning Jamaican Reggae singer, Koffee who recites an inspiring New Year’s ode. From quiet streets to family reunions, to hugs, kisses, and embraces for the future, the ad has it all.

H & M : Bring on the future

The commercial has a Bunny soundtrack from English music artist, Tourist playing in the backdrop as Koffee’s narration is backed with powerful visuals. AffectLab’s emotion recognition technology analysis reveals a peaking and robust attention score of 56.48 and an engagement score of 20.05. As per emotion insights, the happy emotion peaks as the tagline “Bring on the Future” is displayed on the screen.

Google Year In Search 2020

Google is known for creating tear-jerking, inspiring, and hopeful creatives, and as people bid farewell to 2020, the brand launched its annual “Year In Search” film for 2020. Traditionally, just a round-up of the ups and downs of the entire year, this video was different-like the year itself. The three-minute-long, visually captivating film features a poem narration spoken and written by Kofi Dadzie, a Ghanaian American poet.

Google – Year in Search 2020

The visuals showcased people worldwide searching for answers to their daily struggles, pandemic woes, and more on Google.
The 180-second ad amassed a high attention level of 57.63 from AffectLab, emphasizing how appealing the commercial was for the respondents. “Together,” an original song from Grammy award-winning producer Peter Cottontale, in partnership with Chance the Rapper and Cynthia Erivo, also power the narration.

IKEA #HomeIsWhereItAllBegins

If there was one good thing that accompanied the overwhelming 2020, people spent more time at home and wanted to change the space as per their personalities, mood, and whatnot. IKEA’s new commercial highlights a positively upbeat theme, “Home is where it all begins,” and some peppy music to add fervor.

Ikea – Home is where it all begins

Emotion recognition technologies, facial coding, and eye-tracking, when deployed by AffectLab, revealed that the ad is recording higher positive emotions of 4.38, whereas the negative score is down at 2.60.

The ad is not only resonating well with the customer, but it also witnesses a happy emotion peak of 20.77 when the tagline “make everything brighter” graces the screen.

 Aditya Birla – Hope 2021 | “It’s been that kind of a year”

2020 did not let people hope much, and Aditya Birla’s commercial that landed on December 30, 2020, aimed to usher in hope for the New Year. With 2.2 million views in less than a month, the tagline of the video reads, “it’s been that kind of a year.” The 200-second long ad voices Kumar Mangalam Birla’s words, a billionaire industrialist with no social media accounts or LinkedIn appearances, himself.

Aditya Birla Group: Hope 2021 – It’s been that kind of a year

The commercial brings to light various themes, including pandemic, its after-effects, kindness, and hope. When Emotion AI platform AffectLab deciphered the viewer response to the long ad, it indicated low scores of attention and engagement of 51.54 and 15.82 only.

Microsoft | This Holiday Find Joy!

The latest ad from Microsoft is leaving some teary-eyed and some happy. The reason for both the emotions is an adorable dog.
The 90-second long commercial follows a dog as he goes from one family member to another to get some attention and love from them.

The first person he reaches is engrossed with Halo and doesn’t even look at him. The dog then goes to another member who’s on a Microsoft Teams call. She pets the dog (but only once!). The pet also encounters a family member playing Minecraft who doesn’t pet him.

The ad left many sad, and AffectLab emotion insights suggest that the commercial couldn’t grab consumers’ attention and is ranked second last with a score of 49.75. However, the ad did record high positive emotions of 15.38 when multiple dogs on a conference call grace the screen. There was also a peak in positive emotions when the screen displayed the tagline “this holiday find your joy.” 

The above report is generated by Entropik Tech’s Emotion AI platform – Affect Lab. The top three ads as per the metrics were Asian Paints with a score of 37.05, Amazon India scoring 36.69 and Mc Donalds scoring 36.49.

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