Evaluation of Attention and Relaxation Levels of Archers in Shooting Process using Brain Wave Signal Analysis Algorithms

Archer’s capability of attention and relaxation control during shooting process was evaluated using EEG technology. Attention and meditation algorithms were used to represent the levels of mental concentration and relaxation levels. Elite, mid-level, and novice archers were tested for short and long distance shootings in the archery field. Single channel EEG was recorded on the forehead (Fp1) during the shooting process, and attention and meditation levels were computed by real time. Four types of variations were defined based on the increasing and decreasing patterns of attention and meditation levels during shooting process. Elite archers showed increases in both attention and relaxation while mid-level archers showed increased attention but decreased relaxation. Elite archers also showed higher levels of attention at
the release than mid-level and novice archers. Levels of attention and relaxation and their variation patterns were useful to categorize archers and to provide feedback in training.

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