Leading FMCG Brand lifts Marketing Spend ROI by 34%

A globally well-known Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brand with annual marketing spend of over $6 billion runs commercials in several formats on Facebook, Hotstar, and YouTube, majorly consumed through televisions, laptops, and mobiles.

Given the ever-evolving complex web of ad distribution channels and several form factors, the brand was facing challenges in assigning correct weightage to each channel and conducting media planning.

The FMCG brand was looking for a scalable Emotion AI platform that could enable creative and media planning optimization by measuring real-time emotional response and creative performance insights.

Key Highlights:

  • Optimized media plan lifted the ROI on marketing spend by 34%
  • The increased ROI was more in comparison to the older like-to-like campaigns
  • A total net value of $373,000 was created in terms of marketing spend

Affect Lab’s MediaEQ allows brands to measure and optimize the success of advertisements using Emotion AI across the web, television, and mobile interfaces. Companies can deploy this advanced technology to gauge the success of campaigns across several media routes in terms of attention, engagement, and emotional appeal to optimize the media plan and maximize revenue.

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