How to really measure ROI on Sports Sponsorship this World Cup?



The World Cup has already begun and is packed full for the key matches. As the players get on with the matches and millions of people tune in to watch them, brands are glued to their performance dashboards to see the impact their sponsorships have made. Right from on-field logos to insignias on player t-shirts, brand managers are eagerly waiting to see the impact their strategy has on their sales.

With crores of rupees being spent on these partnerships, how are brand managers really measuring the success of their campaigns? Most rely on stats like the frequency of the logo appearance, which are still done manually, a time consuming and error prone process.

Considering there are over 1.5 billion viewers fora sporting event of this magnitude, manual performance tracking is the least effective and is nowhere close to being accurate. And approximations can never get you an idea on what ROI a branding campaign at an event drove for investments of this scale.

In fact, McKinsey reported that about one-third to one-half of the companies in the US don’t have a system in place to measure sponsorship ROI comprehensively.

But now, there is a way to measure the impact of sponsorship more effectively.

Affect Lab’s Brand Prominence Score – A Real Time Frequency & Efficacy Tracking tool based on in-stream Object Recognition & Eye Tracking

Measuring brand presence with in-video object recognition

With in-video object recog


nition technology, you can identify and track your logo appearance during the entire match recording duration. The technology is able to track multiple brand logos from the video as the match is streamed and assimilates the count in real time. All without manual intervention.

Now while that makes measuring brand logo appearance easier, it still doesn’t say much about how many times it caught sight of the audience that you were trying to target.

That’s the next metric that defines your ROI…

Measuring logo sighting with eye tracking

Leveraging the power of AI, Entropik Tech has built an eye-tracking technology that allows you to understand how much attention the logo placement generated. This helps brand marketers conclude if the placement of their logo during the match was an effective strategy. Knowing where the audience’s attention goes the most, is the only way to design a strategy that boosts your brand awareness and improve brand recall.

The brand prominence score calculated from the above two technologies helps sports associations, broadcasters, advertisers and sports marketing consultancies understand if the brand logos are being shown as frequently or as expected and if people are noticing and paying attention to them.

The technology behind Affect Lab’s BPS (Brand Prominence Score)

Be it in-video object recognition or eye tracking, AI enables brands to track the performance of their sponsorship campaigns more effectively. But the technology used to measure the above two aspects for ad performance include:

1. In-video object detection

The technology used here is to determine how many times a logo was flashed on the screen. Pretty much similar to how you measure the ‘reach’ of your social media ad campaigns.

2. Eye tracking

The technology is used to measure when a logo comes on the screen and if the targeted user is paying attention to it or not.

3. Facial coding

This is an optional addition that brand managers can include to the mix, Facial Coding helps brands measure the audience emotions like likability or enjoyability when the logo was showcased to them.

While the technology seems pretty straightforward, there is a lot that goes on in the background. It takes identifying your campaign goal, creating a test audience based on the demographics you are targeting and running the video by them to see if the logo placement your strategy covers is effective or not.

And that’s a lot to leave for the last minute.

With Affect Lab’s BPS (Brand Prominence Score), brands get to conduct Qualitative And Quantitative Brand Measurement in a scalable System With Complete Data Transparency. Easy to use dashboard with Real Time data monitoring And Accurate Results helps them calculate Actual ROI And Make Immediate Improvements

How do we do it?

  1. We create a test content stream which is watched by a test group representing your target audience
  2. As the streamed match is tested in the Entropik Tech’s Media Lab, raw data collected from Facial Coding, Eye Tracking & Object Recognition gets processed by our AI engine
  3. Real-time report can be viewed in the Affect Lab Dashboard

Conclusion – Trust only concrete data

With the lack of tools, in-comprehensive data interpretation and inefficient methods like surveys and interviews, the focus has always been on measuring metrics that don’t provide the real picture. But in times when marketing has become data-driven, it is important for brands to stop walking to sponsorship blindly.

You need to understand what your target audience engages with the most and how to be able to measure the ROI of media campaigns and strategize them better. That can happen only when you equip yourself with the right tools and Entropik helps power your performance stack by letting you measure ‘what is important’.

These metrics can help brands understand which type of sponsorship is the most effective in achieving the campaign objective and understanding what stage in the customer life cycle the target audience is in.

Are you promoting your brand at the World Cup and want to analyze if your media plan is making an impact on your target audience?

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