[VIDEO] Improve your Video Efficiency with Emotion Data



With www.affectlab.io learn how can you ensure your brand content always makes an impact This video gives you an overview of how AffectLab can take your consumer research and content efforts to the next level.

AffectLab software is being used by leading companies to understand their target audience and optimize product development as well as promotional strategies for maximum impact.

The AffectLab headset maps the brainwaves of a consumer viewing your content. It then gives you a moment-by-moment analysis of the emotions that get triggered in the consumer. This helps you understand what the consumer perceives of your brand, his understanding, his attention to the content, appreciation rate and more. Knowing this enables you to understand what segments of your content are easily consumed by the user and can drive them to make an interaction with your brand.

With the data, you can then optimize your other content segments to boost the overall impact on the consumer for the better.

You can learn more about AffectLab here: http://www.affectlab.io/

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