Indian Wholesaler Saved up to 42% by Leveraging Emotional AI Solution – ShopperEQ’s Planogram Testing

A leading Cash and Carry wholesaler with 52 stores across the nation that are serving 4-million-member partners was looking for data-backed, scientific and scalable technology to test their planograms across the retail chain.

Regardless of channel, store format, product, or category planogram advanced research techniques can provide deeper insight into a shopper’s decision-making process and actual behaviour at the shelf. 

Entropik Tech’s emotion AI solution – Affect Lab, enables brands to measure its consumers’ shopper experience using Emotion, Noticeability & Cognitive reaction. Entropik’s Planogram Testing is one of the most cutting-edge Shopper Research technologies, while still cost-efficient & scalable. 

Key Highlights 

  • Saved Up To 42% Of Cost-Saving 
  • Provided Recommendation, for Creating a Better In-Store Experience 
  • Identified Impact of Different Shelf Layout 

Affect Lab’s ShopperEQ helps retailers in positioning themselves better to meet customers’ expectations and realize higher returns on their display investments.

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