India’s Trusted FMCG Brand Deploys Emotion AI To Identify the Most Saleable Package Design

We live in an informative era where consumer’s expectations are increasing by leaps and bounds. With so many alternatives stacked on the shelf next to the brand’s product, it’s difficult to stand out. 

A big player in the Food Industry with a turnover of US $ 110 billion was looking for the most appealing and preferred pack design for their Spice category. Entropik Tech’s emotion AI solution – Affect Lab, was deployed to measure its customers’ emotions and their responses to their shopping experience. 

According to a study, businesses can save high costs for producing dummies or prototypes. Also, the customer’s search and orientation patterns, their contacts with products as well as their decisions can be recorded continuously. Affect Lab allows brands to create products that will exceed consumer expectations. 

Affect Lab’s ShopperEQ conducted brainwave mapping, eye tracking, facial coding on stimulus, and analyze which part of the packaging is not drawing the desired user response. Thus, it helped the brand in selecting the favourable packaging that was appealing to consumer taste and preferences. 

Key Highlights 

  • Purchase Intent for Optimized Pack Launch was 47% higher 
  • Identified the Most Favorable Pack Design
  • Improved Package Design with Actionable Insights  

Affect Lab’s ShopperEQ -emotional AI solution helps digital-first brands to optimize product packaging as per consumers’ emotion, cognitive behavior, and their shopping experience.

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