Introducing the Affect Lab Android App


Why ask consumers what they want, when you can read their mind?


Ditch the traditional research approach, stop asking questions and start decoding user’s subconscious. No need for any lab setup, recording equipment, computer or even pen & paper.
All you need is our new android app in hand!


The Affect Lab app enables you to capture and understand user’s emotional response to products, videos & brands.

Monitor behavioral parameters such as attention, appreciation, concentration for a user, along with affective & cognitive parameters like happiness , boredom and familiarity. Observe fluctuations in user emotions during the test with our real-time scores. At the end of your test, get a moment-by-moment analysis of the entire product experience (in case of variant, package or UI/UX testing) or content consumption (in case of testing videos, ads, articles etc).


Affect Lab app is a complete research suite which supports end-to-end testing for product,  effectiveness of video or audio advertising and calculating brand safety.

Ready to give your marketing a competitive edge?

Understand What Your Customers Feel, With Just An App!

The app works in conjunction with the Affect Lab Brainwave Mapping EEG Headset.
Contact us on for headset inquiry and pricing information.

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