Let Consumer Emotions define your media strategy for Maximum impact

Almost 90% of the human behavior is driven by emotions. If your content marketing strategy for videos hasn’t been able to tap into emotions, you’re probably not getting even 20% of the response rate you deserve.

Digital advertising spends in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of 26% until 2020 and will account for over 20% of total media advertising outlays. In digitally mature markets such as the United Kingdom, the share of digital media is already over 50% of the total ad spend. Social media and other digital channels provide businesses the ability to use engaging formats of content to reach their audience and convert them into customers. A case in point being, video content.

As the struggle for the consumer’s attention increases by the day, it is becoming important for businesses to focus on creating content that truly makes an impact. The only way to do so, is to fully understand what excites your target customers and optimize your strategy accordingly.
But a consumer isn’t going to walk up to you with a list of wants. Then how do you optimize your video content?

Solving Market Research with Emotional Interaction
As brands try to optimize their marketing efforts for maximum results, it is time to go beyond the social media data of a consumer. You need to now look into behavioral and cognitive aspects of a consumer to brand interaction.

Affect Lab is a product that enables human behavior research and takes marketing to an all new level. It taps into the unsaid emotional, behavioral and cognitive responses of a consumer when interacting with a brand.

The moment-by-moment analysis of a consumer’s response enables businesses to understand which segment of their content is being received well, and which lacks in engagement. Here’s how simple it is


How does Affect Lab work?
The Affect Lab EEG headset is designed to record the brainwaves of a consumer when interacting with brand assets – be it videos or any type of content that is being published to them. Here’s how the headset works to power your content strategy with emotional intelligence:

  1. Define your target audience
  2. The very first step is to narrow down the consumers you are targeting. Use both demographic and psychographic factors to create target segments.

  1. Create a test set of consumers
  2. Based on the defined target segments, create a test set of consumers. These should be people who are the closest to who you define as an ideal customer for your business.

  1. Test your brand content assets
  2. Using the Affect Lab EEG headset, analyze the responses these consumers have to your content. Take a look at what segments of the video or other content that users are the most attentive to and appreciate; also note the parts that trigger negative emotions like boredom, lack of attention, etc.

  1. Optimize your content
  2. Ensure better engagement by tweaking the sections to suit the consumer interest.

Get ready to make an impact!
Affect Lab ensures that each of your content pieces and videos are designed to make a lasting impact. It goes beyond the general demographics of a target market, to give you a competitive edge by enabling emotional interaction with your consumer.

Get actionable insights via easy analytics, predict the feelings of your consumers and achieve a higher ROI with highly optimized content.

Not sure how Affect Lab can work with your brand? Schedule a demo today to know more.

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