Life at Entropik – Anoop Soman, Sr. Front End Developer, Engineering the future at Entropik

Anoop is the Sr. Front End Developer who sits quietly in a corner in front of his black coding screen and creates masterpieces that astonish everyone. You can often see him working late into the nights and coming in the earliest. Starting off on a contract, he now works full-time with Entropik and the SaaS platform UI you see today, is all him. Here’s his story about what keeps him going.

At Entropik, we’re not just building technology for the future. Our goal is to connect people to careers that feed their life’s purpose and give them jobs that truly motivate and inspire them. This is Anoop’s story on why he chose to be a part of our team.

Tell us a little about yourself Anoop and how you began your career.

I was born in Kerala and brought up in Matunga, Mumbai. I did my Bachelors in Computer Science from G.N.Khalsa College but took a year gap in between due to personal reasons. Post which, I began my career working as a hardware engineer for CMS Computers Ltd. and then at an Accenture BPO.

But I knew that wasn’t all I wanted to learn! So later, I did my MCA from Thakur College. Today, with ten years of experience in the field of front-end development, I still feel there’s a lot to learn and honestly, that is what keeps me going.

What attracted you to Entropik in the first place?

They mentioned building a product around emotional intelligence and it immediately stood out and caught my attention. But initially, I wasn’t really sure how the product would work. It sounded cool, but I couldn’t visualize how it would really help marketers.

It was when I started working with the team that I realized its full potential. But more importantly, I figured I was where I had always wished to be. Amidst people who wanted to innovate and were zealous to make it happen.

And what is it that you do today at Entropik?

Today, I take care of frontend development along with two talented team members.

While there’s a lot that we’re already working on, on the technology side, I actually am looking forward to exploring more technologies to create industry-changing products. And I know there’s no better place or a better team to do it with!

What would you say to someone who is exploring a career at Entropik?

So if you’re a technology geek who loves innovating, Entropik life awaits you. Young minds and passionate hearts – it’s the atmosphere most only dream of. Take it from an introvert who loves keeping to himself and at the same time, being around others now.

Btw, if you support Liverpool FC, we could become the best of friends. So come, join us!

Entropik is growing and we’re looking for people who want to change the industry with products that tap into the full potential of technology. So if you’re ready to join our team of innovators, explore our open opportunities by visiting our careers page.

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