Marketing 101: Questions Every Content Marketer Should Ask

Social media today, is super cluttered!

The volume of content being shared by users and businesses, is increasing by the day. This has resulted in even the best of brands failing at reaching out to their audience with the right message, at the right time and in the right format.

Marketers are trying to create more and more content in different formats to draw attention to their brand. Combine this with paid advertising, the marketing budgets are hitting the roof.

But there are always ‘The Standouts’!

Some pieces of content that do exceptionally well on the internet, they gain unprecedented organic reach – to the point of going viral, simply because they hit the right notes.

Such content is created when  marketers,

    • • Go beyond the general demographics to understand the ‘psychographics’ of their target customers
    • • Ensure content stimulates the right emotions in their audience, encouraging them to take an action on them. Be it liking the piece of content or sharing it in their circles

Smart content creators and marketers focus on optimizing their campaigns on an ongoing basis, based on how their target market is responding to it. These questions are designed to act like a checklist to evaluate your content and media plan.

1. Does my ad really connect with my users?

In their zeal to overcome their competition, many brands miss out on adding right emotional triggers & relevant context to their advertisements. This broadcasting of irrelevant messages being forced upon a target market often works adversely on the brand image.

Analyse performance of all your ad components like the copy, call-to-action, storyline, brand presence and more. Learn more.

Metrics like ‘Emotion & Attention & Engagement Score’ ensure your content is never irrelevant to the users, and evokes a certain amount of familiarity.

      1. Emotional Spectrum Score – Measure of user’s response to your video, across intense or mild to pleasant or unpleasant.
      1. Attention Score – Understand which segments of your content have low engagement levels and should be edited out.
      1. Engagement Score – Quantify & compare engagement scores for various tagline, copy or music options.

      2. Is my video optimized for maximum organic reach (via social media shares) & ROI (via sales)?

      According to various studies, people on social media tend to share content which resonates with them emotionally.

    • Keeping a tab on the following data points helps in predicting a campaign’s performance in their target market:
          1. Media Effective Index – A higher arousal score in the first 5 seconds of a video/ audio content ensures video ads perform better on channels like YouTube
          1. Appreciation Score – Denotes how a user feels when exposed to your content. A score higher than 80, doubles the number of social shares.
          1. Brand Awareness Score – Measures ‘Top of the Mind Recall’ & ‘Buying Propensity’ for your brand.

          3. Is my media plan (for paid promotions) designed for maximum impact?

          Identify the high attention zones of your video with AD Insertion Recommendation to place your marketing assets where they are most likely to get a positive response from the audience. No more losing out on marketing budgets, trying to test ad placements!

          Metrics like Brand Fatigue Brand Recall measure ‘Post launch Impact on Consumer Behaviour’, something your sales graphs can never show.

          Gauge impact of your content not just that of your advertising dollars!

          New age marketing is all about digging deeper into BIG DATA and understanding your customers on a 1:1 basis. Let’s just say, we found the one aspect of data that your competitors are missing out on – Emotion Analysis.

          Are you ready to create content that makes an impact?

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