Optimizing Video Advertisements

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Case Brief:

With the advertising market becoming more cluttered by the second, brands need to connect with the consumers before they can sell their products or services. But the connect to be achieved here isn't just a great set of value propositions, it is about appealing emotionally to the audience. That's exactly what we uncovered in this study – what consumers relate to the most.

Why the study?

  • To measure emotional responses to video advertisements
  • Map the ‘EMOTIONAL PARAMETERS’ across the length of a video
  • Find when a consumer loses interest in a video
  • Measure the ‘ATTENTION SCORE’ of the viewers
  • Determine which parts to edit out to achieve a higher ‘ENGAGEMENT SCORES’
  • Predict the probability of hitting ‘skip video' by improving engagement levels in the first 5 seconds

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What did we learn?

OLX ran two formats of video ads – long form and short. Here's what we uncovered using AffectLab:

  • The longer ad had more zones of LOW ATTENTION. Viewers lost interest in the ad all too frequently to consume the information it was offering. (Attention score: 56/100)
  • The shorter ad with edited content, experienced lesser number of LOW ATTENTION zones. The overall attention score of viewers spiked to 66/100 with video optimization.

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How did we analyse this?

We used 2 videos of the 'Bech De' campaign of OLX – the first video's length was 1m 10 seconds and the other one lasted only 36 seconds.

The study was conducted on 10 test users, using AffectLab EEG headsets. The headset tracked moment-by-moment responses and mapped the brainwaves on the AL dashboard. Our backend algorithms then decoded this data to show the ATTENTION LEVEL of viewers throughout the videos in a simple graphical format.

This made it easier to identify what content and elements resulted in loss of interest, for further optimizing the ads.


How can you use this?

The digital space is crowded with advertisements in different content formats. The only ad that works is the one that emotionally appeals to the audience. With Affect Lab insights you can:

  • Understand what your target market is more likely to respond to
  • Identify content formats and story lines that trigger emotional responses
  • Optimize all aspects of the video for greater conversions
  • Maximize your ROI by high level personalization of content


To know how we conducted this study to understand consumer emotions, DOWNLOAD OUR CASE STUDY NOW


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