Optimizing Media Plan using EMOTION AI

Case Brief

A leading global FMCG brand with over 6 Bn $ in Annual marketing Spends is aspiring to solve Marketing Attribution problem using Advanced Technology of Emotion AI.  Given an ever-evolving complex web of Ad distribution channels and form factors, the decision making about media planning & assigning correct weightage to each route is a tough Attribution problem to crack.

Current solutions used by Brands and agencies at the best uses past data correlations to recommend planning routes and weightages. However, its efficacy and success haven’t proven out to be as expected leading to ROI loss on Campaign spends.

In absence of any scientific and accurate way to predict ROI and media plan, usually Brand invest on a broad-based average allocation of budgets to all Media routes, leading to a sub optimal Campaign Spend ROI.

Entropik presents a unique approach to measure efficacy of media routes using Real customers emotional response to the creatives across various form factors and distribution medium. Such pretesting enabled Brand to accurately predict the likely success of media routes based on real audience insights.

  • Campaign ROI Liftover 30%
  • Value Created $ 374k on a Campaign spend of 1.1Mn $
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