Add the power of Human Emotions to your Advertising

As advertisers we spend so much time creating videos & chasing viewers via paid advertisements that we miss out on, incorporating consumer feedback & ensuring our content resonates with users at an ‘emotional level’.

Instead of bombarding users with content and hoping something works out; Harness the power of human emotions & use Affect Lab for Strategic Media Planning.

According to, such a barrage of content is the primary reason a user will be turned off by a brand

Reasons that UK Social Media Users Would Lose Trust/Be Turned Off by a Brand on Social Media, April 2016 (% of respondents)

With Affect Lab, create campaigns that truly make an impact.

  1. Maximize Video Budgets with Emotion Response Prediction

Test your audio, video advertisements to know how your audience ‘feels’ towards it. Assign budgets to better performing content based on real data

  1. Test how videos perform in different markets to refine targeting

Measure performance of your campaign for various target audience and markets. Conduct a dip stick study to ensure precision targeting

  1. Boost your organic traffic and increase engagement with emotionally relevant content

Ensure a higher k-factor for your video by increasing the emotional appeal of your content &  thereby improving organic reach.

Affect Lab goes beyond surveys and questionnaires, to delve into user’s subconscious thoughts & ensure brand message resonates with them emotionally.

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