"Powered with technologies such as eye-tracking, facial coding, and UX testing techniques in Emotion AI, educators can reform their content to maximize the student's learning. AI-driven emotion analytics and algorithms can also help teachers gain insights into the emotional intelligence, learning abilities, and behavioral skills of each student," writes Ranjan Kumar,

Future of Emotion AI In The Education Sector

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and accompanying lockdown brought ripples across the global education sector. Millions of students shifted to online learning overnight. As several industries across the globe incurred losses, the EdTech industry witnessed a boom like never before.  With

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Emerging Tech Trends in HR to watch out for in 2021

“Emotion AI will soon find space in everyday virtual recruitment with a hope to make hiring more qualified employee,” says Ranjan Kumar, CEO & Founder of Entropik Tech

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, human resource wings and recruitment cells are experiencing rapid transformation. With increased emphasis on remote working, virtual meetings, digital tracking, hybrid workspace technologies, and virtual hiring are set to shape the future of work cultures across

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Video: Decoding Consumer Behavior Using Emotion AI

Testing the emotional consumer experience has often led to 4X ROIs in companies, suggest studies. Moreover, Emotion AI is helping businesses drive maximum ROI by understanding their consumers’ emotions. By deploying technologies like facial coding, eye tracking, and brainwave mapping,

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