A Leading CPG Brand in India Implemented Emotion AI Tech to Evaluate Eye-Catchy Packaging

The role of FMCG packaging is very critical in marketing and has gained greater importance in the past few decades. According to research, 84% of professionals working for fast-moving consumer goods are under more pressure to introduce new products to the market. 

With hundreds of products lined-up on store shelves, eye-catching packaging design is the only strategy that can handpick your product over your competitors. It’s believed that your packaging design can speak, loud and clear, for your product. 

A leading Indian consumer product brand with a reach of 200 million households was looking for the perfect packaging for their Snacks product that can grab their consumer attention, interest, and at the same time, they wanted to convey their brand positioning. They wanted to evaluate the salient features of the Pack to be Stand out in a shelf capable of strongest holding power Communicates Brand values with customers.

A 2013 study reported that the appeal of product packaging has the potential to trigger impulsive buying even for consumers with no intention to make any purchases.  Entropik Tech’s emotion AI solution helped the consumer brand to measure their consumer’s emotions and responses to marketing stimuli. Thus, this further enabled the brand to generate maximum ROI on their marketing investments.

Affect Lab’s ShopperEQ proves to be a progressive way to conduct both consumer and in-store research. Facial coding, Eye-tracking & 3D Shopper Environment technology was implemented. This helped the brand to analyze the flow of interest, perception, and intention to purchase. 

Key Highlights 

  • Identified the Most Favorable Packaging to Resonates with the Target Customers
  • 97% of respondents felt that product package design influenced their buying decision 
  • More than 99% of respondents understood the brand messaging

Affect Lab’s ShopperEQ enables brands to identify which elements of the pack are getting most noticed and which are the weak ones. Thus, helping them to identify the pack designs to increase customer attention and interest.

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