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  • Decoding Human Emotions using AI

    Facial coding, Eye-tracking, Brainwave Mapping

Entropik uses AI to gauge brand preference

Originally Published in Business Standard Bengaluru-based Entropik Technologies aims to help businesses make better decisions     Artificial intelligence (AI), which can help predict users’ emotions, may re-define how consumer preference is learnt.  Bengaluru-based Entropik Technologies aims to help businesses

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Introducing the Affect Lab Android App

  Why ask consumers what they want, when you can read their mind?   Ditch the traditional research approach, stop asking questions and start decoding user’s subconscious. No need for any lab setup, recording equipment, computer or even pen &

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Emotion recognition startup Entropik wins PayU’s UpStart Pitch

Originally Published on Bangalore-based Entropik Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which recognises emotions to help companies understand consumer behaviour, has won the first edition of UpStart Pitch, an event organised by payments firm PayU India wherein startups present disruptive ideas to

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  In his classic work on human psychology, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind, Gustave LeBon wrote: “The greater part of our daily actions are the result of hidden motives which escape our Observation.” What truly compels people

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Entropik Finishes First in #UpStart Codeup Pitch

Entropik Tech conquers the #UpstartCodeup Pitch, a startup event held in Bengaluru. UpStart Pitch’, a joint initiative of PayU India with kstart & Matrix Partners, was looking for the next big startup in India. Being part of the featured Top

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