India’s Leading Retail Leveraged Emotion AI Tech to Evaluate Store Layout Efficiency

Driving conversions in retail, especially in the brick-and-mortar model is becoming complex. To remain viable in this competitive environment, retailers must constantly improve their store economics. 

A leading Indian retail corporation with 52 stores across the nation that are serving 4-million-member partners was looking for a solution to test various shop layouts and communication in a VR environment. They required a technology to measure the customers’ experiences and emotion towards various configurations and marketing stimuli in a scalable and cost-effective way.

According to the Mckinsey report, stores are facing increased customer service and experience expectations, requiring both more time dedicated to customers, and better-trained frontline staff to serve today’s tech-savvy, and well-informed customer.

Entropik Tech’s emotion AI solution – Affect Lab, enables brands to measure its consumers’ emotions and their responses to shopper experience through VR Environment, Brainwave mapping & Eye Tracking technology. 


Key Highlights 

  • Optimized Sale by 14% by placing it in Most Efficient Zones
  • Increase In-Store Package/Product Noticeability by 32%
  • 34% Cost Saved & Simplified TAT by ¼th  by Using VR Environment

Affect Lab’s ShopperEQ helps retailers in achieving next-gen store efficiency by breaking down silos, and optimizing total cost across the value chain.

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