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Case Brief:

Product A/B testing is one of the most important aspects for a company. Conducted across the complete product life cycle – introduction, growth, maturity and decline, these tests should be able to provide businesses with actionable insights that help them optimize for faster growth.

Now surveys can get you an insight into how the consumers feel about your overall product or service. While the rating from 1 to 10 can give you an idea of how they feel, it doesn’t let you understand which aspect of it do they want you to improve – unless you ask a question, even then you end up with vague & biased inputs.

That’s where we used Affect Lab to arrive at actionable consumer insights for the brand. It enables you to conduct an analysis of a user’s reaction to products by mapping their brainwaves, measuring behavioral parameters like ATTENTION, APPRECIATION, CONCENTRATION, cognitive parameters like HAPPINESS, BOREDOM & FAMILIARITY.


Why the study?

To understand the competitive edge in the aggressive and fast growing market with product quality as the only parameter to gain traction.

To calibrate the relation between the cigarette variants and consumer behavioural parameters associated with them.
Identifying the emotional factor driving cigarette consumption and testing the effect of branding on an average consumer.


What did we learn?

Affect Lab was able to conduct an in-depth analysis of the consumers the cigarette variants were tested on. The results were as follows:

  • Familiarity: V5 showed the highest amount of mental effort, lowering the familiarity with the blend. V1, the branded cigarette showed the highest familiarity score (delta of 35%)
  • Happiness: All cigarettes except V10, showed an increase in happiness levels during the test duration. V6, followed by V4 were the least appreciated products. The highest appreciation was received for V2 (delta of 50%), followed by V3 and V8.
  • Relaxation: All cigarettes except V9 and V10, led to a decrease in the alertness and the pleasantness levels; i.e. a marked increase in the relaxation of the consumer’s mind.
  • Boredom: All cigarettes consistently showed an overall decrease in boredom, making it one of the biggest reasons for high cigarette consumption.


How did we analyse this?

To achieve the above stated aim, Affect Labs followed a methodical approach to arrive at actionable consumer insights. The Affect Lab Sensor placed on the headset, touching the test user’s forehead, is able to map these brainwaves.

  • Number of product variants tested: 10
  • Number of test users: 12
  • Sampling technique: Pre-decided by the client. The group consisted of a sample of their loyalist demographic target audience and Brand approved qualified panel of 12 testers as participants.
  • Pre test: 20 seconds of data observation before start of every trial.
  • Test duration: The average time it takes for a cigarette to burn completely.


How can you use this?

Affect Lab offers actionable insights that help you:

  1. Develop a behavioral positioning map for the brand in a target market.
  2. Optimize products and branding according to consumer emotions for higher acceptance rate in the market.
  3. Achieve a competitive edge in the market, understanding consumer psychology.

To know more about how Affect Lab analysed the cigarette variants and consumer experience, and to see how it maps brainwaves into actionable graphs, DOWNLOAD OUR CASE STUDY TODAY! Leave your email in the comments section below or shoot a mail to us on

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