Rising Emotiveillance in India – Enhancing the Online Learning Experience for Students

India’s EdTech industry is significantly investing in AI to improve online education standards. Following the Covid-19 outbreak, EdTech in India got a massive boost. With schools shifting to digital classrooms, EdTech firms burgeoned. The sector expects an eight to tenfold growth by 2025.

Entropik Tech – An Emotion AI platform was featured on The Bastionan independent digital magazine that publishes ideas and reportage on issues of development for India’s youth. 

The publication featured the innate potential of emotion AI, which can help the educational institutions to drive a seamless and human-like interaction during online classes.

It further explained how Entropik’s AI-driven emotion analytics can help the Education in India to enhance the online schooling experience by assessing and analyzing the cognitive and subconscious behavior of students. 

The story also highlights the capabilities of AffectLab’s proprietary technologies – Facial Coding, Eye-Tracking and Actionable Insights provided by the platform create an engaging and effective study module.  

Click here to read the full article on how the Entropik facial coding system is helping education space in India.

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