SALES WARS – big billion day vs the great indian festival



The eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid rate and the market competition witnessed by consumers is getting more expensive by the day. From free deliveries, special credits, humongous marketing budgets and more, Indian consumers get to see the best of deals during the festive season. Case in point being the arch rivals, Amazon and Flipkart.

The annual sale events – ‘Big Billion Days’ and ‘The Great Indian Festival’, don’t just offer some of the best deals, but go all out with interesting advertising campaigns to promote them. While Flipkart continues to use their ‘kid-adults’ theme in their 8 video ad campaigns, Amazon simply continues to leverage the emotional Indian psyche.

So who wins the battle?




 The advertising market is competitive and the cost of acquiring a consumer is rising by the day. So we decided to do a competitive analysis of two video ads from each of the players. Pitting the ads against each other, we generated a video ad scorecard based on 4 important aspects that define their performance in the market:

  1. Attention Score: Brands have less than 5 seconds to hook the consumer’s attention. Higher the score, lower is the probability of the internet user ‘skipping’ the ad on channels like YouTube.
  2. Affective Magnifier Score: The high point of your ad is where the consumer connects with your brand. It is this section that helps you create an ‘impact’ on the consumer and nudge him towards conversion. Affect Lab measures how well the brand was able to establish a connect with the video viewers.
  3. Memorable Messaging: For consumers to remember your brand and come back to it often, you need to establish communication that is both enjoyable and involves them on a deeper level. The viewer’s brain needs to ‘register’ the ad and consume the information being provided. This ability to recall the brand has a direct impact on sales.



  • With high attention score and higher memorability, Flipkart‘s ads are more effective then Amazon’s advertisements in terms of causing sales uplift
  • Extreme Emotions are the biggest trigger for video sharing on social media. So we analysed both Flipkart and Amazon videos to see consumer response on different aspects.
  • Flipkart fared better in the Attention Test. Their video received a higher attention score for the first 5 seconds. Hence there were lower skip rates and higher viewership.
  • The phone drop moment in the Flipkart ad resulted in a spike in the tension levels of the viewers (test users).
  • Amazon’s ad tries to establish an emotional connect with the user with an ease of understanding, getting higher Comprehension Scores.



Brand linked memorability can be quantified using the Creative Magnifier Effect. The Memorable messaging score is directly proportional to recall and sales. To know how, read our complete report on the 2 ad campaigns; Leave your email in the comments section below or shoot a mail to us on




After defining the ideal audience for Flipkart and Amazon, we chose a set of test users to view the ads before the sales were launched.

Using the Affect Lab headset, we monitored how each of the users responded to the video ads. The device uses EEG brain wave mapping to decode what consumers think and the affect a certain element of an ad can have on their actions.

The study was conducted on 10 test users, wearing the Affect Lab EEG headsets. The brainwaves were then mapped on to the dashboard and turned into actionable data graphs of performance.




The digital space is crowded with advertisements in different content formats. The only ad that works is the one that engages the audience almost instantly.

With Affect Lab insights you can:

  • Understand what your target market is more likely to respond to, thereby fine tuning your media plan
  • Identify content formats and story lines that trigger emotional responses and organic sharing
  • Optimize all aspects of the video for greater conversions
  • Maximize your ROI by implementing higher level of content personalization
  • Benchmark against successful campaigns


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